Switch on Space Heaters to Keep You Toasty

Ward off the chill on crisp fall days or frigid winter nights with space heaters from Walmart Canada. Use them in areas where your regular heating source has trouble reaching or switch them on for a bit of temporary warmth when you need it most. Find a wide selection of compact electric heaters at Walmart Canada.

Ceramic Space Heaters

The most common type of small electric heater available today is the ceramic space heater. Ceramic space heaters can typically heat a larger room more evenly, and certain models have oscillating fans to further distribute warm air throughout a living space. Find compact models from brands such as Royal Sovereign that have fan-only modes as well, or select space-saving models that sit on a pedestal on the floor.

Oil-Filled Space Heaters

Shop for oil-filled space heaters that resemble old steam radiators from Walmart Canada. Many of these stylish space heaters have narrow, tall bodies, making them ideal for small spaces, and built-in digital thermostats make it easy to adjust the temperature to your comfort level. Look for models that have wheels attached for easy transport among several rooms. Many also have a power cord wrap for neatly stowing it away when not in use or during off seasons. The metal fins are permanently filled with oil for even heat distribution, and most models have an auto shut-off in case of tipping or overheating.

Baseboard Heaters

Some space heaters are designed to install right at the floor level and have discreet styling for blending into a room's decor, such as models from Dimplex. You may need to hire a professional to have these types of heaters installed into your home, especially if you want it hooked up to an existing wall-mount thermostat

Outdoor Space Heaters

If you have a greenhouse, you know how important it is to keep your plants from freezing during cold winter months. Walmart Canada has space heaters available that are designed to provide efficient heat for outdoor plants. These types of powerful heaters also work well in workshops or garages.

Space Heater Features

Shop for models with easy-to-use digital controls that let you adjust the heat output based on your needs. Most have a built-in thermostat that turns the heat on or off as needed. Usually, heat settings vary in wattage, so keep that in mind for your utility bills. 

Look for space heaters with overheat protection and safety switches that automatically turn the unit off if it's accidentally tipped. Most space heaters are best used on the floor instead of on tabletops to allow for adequate heat distribution and help prevent falls.

When the power goes out, space heaters may be a good temporary solution to keep you and your family warm until it's restored. Many space heaters can be used with generators as long as the wattage of the heater is less than the rated wattage of your generator.

Select space heaters with quiet operation features. Oil-filled space heaters make hardly any sound at all once the oil is warmed, and even units equipped with fans provide whisper-quiet operation, so indoor activities aren't disturbed.

Whether you're looking for a reliable backup heat source or want to supplement your primary heat source, you can find a wide selection of affordable, efficient space heaters at Walmart Canada.




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