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Beautiful, Affordable Home Décor for Every Room in Your House

Updating and decorating your home can be a big, costly task. For a lot of people, it's hard to even know where to start when it comes tackling regularly used spaces like the living room, family room or den. The good news is that decorating your home doesn't have to be an overwhelming chore. Done right, it can actually be fun!

Shop Walmart Canada to find items for a wide variety of home décor ideas to turn every room in your home into a space you never want to leave. Our affordable prices mean you don't have to break the bank to get your home in tip-top shape.

Use Wall Coverings to Update Your Space

A lot of people assume that updating their home to make it more modern or more functional means buying new furniture. While a few select pieces could help you turn each room into one you really love, you do have other options for changing your space without altering furniture. One of the best options is to utilize wall coverings in your room.

Sold in a variety of patterns, colour schemes and textures, wall coverings can be bold and dramatic or understated and neutral. For formal spaces like your dining room, consider a printed option to play up the drama. Go for more neutral options like a textured paper or classic stripe in areas where you've already got plenty of colour and patterns.

Washable wall coverings are ideal for high-traffic areas like the kitchen or a child's room since they can easily be wiped down with water.

Refresh Furniture with Stylish Slip Covers

Refreshing your existing furniture is a simple, smart way to change your home décor without replacing functional furniture that fits your room. Slip covers allow you to update the upholstery on your favourite sofas and chairs, giving your room a brand new look in under an hour!

Walmart Canada has slip covers in a variety of sizes and styles for six-foot sofas, oversized sofas, loveseats, easy chairs, upholstered dining chairs and more. Modern and traditional styles help you match your existing furniture or go for a new look.

Give Your Room a Gallery Wall

Art can turn a plain room into a stunning space, bringing all of your favourite pieces of furniture and rugs together. Shopping for large original canvas pieces can kill your bank account though. To bring art into your home without paying as much as you did for the house, look to create a gallery wall to show off different pieces you love.

With a gallery wall, you can hang multiple paintings, photographs or a combination of pieces together in one area. Hang your art in a straight line, in a square pattern, or hang free-hand for a loose, eclectic feel.

The most important thing is to pick art and wall décor you love.

Add Accessories to Finish Your Look

Not all home décor ideas are big ones like creating a gallery wall. In a room you already like, adding accessories can make the space more attractive for you and your visitors at a very affordable price.

Accessories like candle holders, vases, picture frames, pouf ottomans and throw blankets can add sophisticated style to your room. Fun items like artificial fruit, faux potted plants and more provide whimsy and colour. Let your existing home décor guide you when shopping for home accessories.

Making your home a place you love spending time is a breeze with affordable, stylish furniture and home décor options from Walmart Canada. Shop online or come into a store to find slip covers, window treatments, art, accessories and even large pieces of furniture like a new coffee table today.



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