Decorative & Throw Pillows

Accent your home with decorative throw pillows

Many people shop for window treatments and wall hangings when planning a room makeover, but you can also change the look of your living room or bedroom with throw pillows. Plush pillows with decorative covers lend texture or colour to your room, and they're easy to arrange and maintain. Shop colourful throw pillows at Walmart Canada for a budget-friendly way to enhance your home decor.

Create an inviting space with throw pillows

Piles of pillows can make a couch or bed seem comfier, even if the pillows are just for decorative purposes. Place one or two throw pillows on each end of your sofa or add one to a recliner or rocking chair. Load up your bed with decorative pillows, but don't forget to include some actual bed pillows, too. Body pillows are another option to consider when you outfit your bed with sheets and accessories.

Lend colour to your room

Brighten up neutral furniture with pillows covered in bold patterns or vibrant designs. Set a solid-hued pillow in rich red or sunny yellow on your sofa or bring a touch of nature to your bedroom with floral pillows. Incorporate texture into your decor by using faux fur, velour or corduroy couch pillows, or opt for traditional linen or polyester covers. 

Find fun seasonal designs

Share your holiday spirit with seasonal designs that honor special holidays. Browse for Christmas, Thanksgiving or Halloween designs as holidays approach, and don't forget other holiday decor, such as lights or figurines. You can also find designs tailored toward different seasons, such as soft pastels for spring or pillows with snowflakes or snowmen for Christmas.

Care for your pillows the right way

Throw pillows require minimal maintenance, but you still have to do a few things to keep them looking nice. For starters, fluff them as needed. This might be as easy as gently rearranging the stuffing by smoothing the pillow up and down. Over time, you may need to buy some pillow stuffing, often found with craft supplies, to keep your pillow full and soft.

Pillow covers may accumulate animal dander, human hair and other debris. Remove the covers from your pillows at least once a week and give them a good shake outside. You may also want to spot clean your covers or place them in the washing machine if the fabric is equipped for a gentle spin.

Store your pillows at bedtime

Throw pillows often end up tossed on the floor or shoved in the corner of the bed when it's time for sleep. Instead of doing this, consider dedicating an ottoman, trunk or storage container to your pillows each night. You can also do this with living room pillows if you're worried pets will coat them with piles of drool or clumps of hair as you snooze.

Consider other home decor options

Throw pillows change the look of a room in minutes, but you can also transform your living space with other home decor essentials. Candles infuse the air with a pleasant scent, but they also lend a subtle splash of color to your room. Clocks track time, but they also change the appearance of a living room or dining room. You can also enhance your home with wall decor, such as paintings of beautiful scenery or framed photos of your loved ones.

Regardless of which home decor you choose, makes it simple to find the essentials you need. Browse Walmart Canada for throw pillows, wall art, mirrors and other must-haves for your living space.



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