Picture Frames & Collages


Preserve Memories with a Picture Frame

Scrolling through your phone's photos helps you remember special times on the go, but when you're at home, a picture frame highlights memorable moments. Place prized photos in a sturdy wooden frame for a classic look or showcase your achievements by placing awards or diplomas in a borderless frame. A photo frame protects your memories without affecting their appearance, so you can easily view every detail of your favourite image. Stock up on frames for photos and certificates at Walmart Canada, whether you want to display a single memory or adorn your walls with a series of moments.

Display Memorable Moments in a Picture Frame

Relive the magic of your wedding day or the fun of a family vacation with framed photos. A picture frame encases your prized memories beneath a thin layer of glass or plastic, protecting them from debris and damage. This helps keep colours vibrant and images crisp, so you can easily identify special occasions on display. Hang a sturdy photo frame on your living room wall or place a picture frame on your nightstand so you wake up to beautiful scenery or a smiling loved one.

Explore Different Sizes and Materials

Experiment with different picture frame sizes when you display your favourite photos. Try a small frame on your work desk or greet guests with an oversized family photo near your doorway. Wooden frames have timeless appeal, while silver, bronze or black borders project a contemporary vibe. Choose a frame labeled 'family' or 'best friends' so others can easily spot the people in each portrait or show off furry friends in a frame decorated with a bone or paw print. 

Share Multiple Images with a Digital Frame

When you can't decide which photos you like best, try a digital picture frame. Many digital frames let you upload multiple pictures, so you can easily jump from your beachfront view to an adventurous day at the park. Choose a frame that randomly rotates between images if you like surprises or opt for a frame that remains the same until you change it. Some digital frames even come with a remote for easy viewing.

Enhance Your Decor with Collage Wall Art

Accent your home decor with a creative collage that features the people and pets you love the most. With a collage picture frame, you aren't limited to one or two shots; you have plenty of room for all your treasured photos. Dedicate a collage to your annual pool party or post a different family member in each frame. Some collages even include accessories, such as wall decor shaped like a heart or key. These accessories help you establish a theme rather than displaying an assortment of images.

Customize Your Frames with Craft Supplies

Wooden frames provide an excellent canvas for your ideas. Glue toy cars on a frame for a young child, or enhance your frame with craft supplies such as ribbons, gemstones or glitter. Paint brightens the colour of a white or brown frame, and you can use spray paint or craft paint for your project. Remove the glass or plastic panel before you paint, and make sure you don't add a portrait to the frame until your paint dries.

Consider Additional Options for Special Souvenirs and Mementos 

Some special moments are private, so you may not want to share them with the world. A private photo album helps you organize pictures that are only for your eyes, and you can also place mementos in a shadow box or decorative storage container. Scrapbooks also provide a safe home for nostalgic items, such as movie tickets or anniversary cards.

Magical moments pass quickly, but they live on through photos and other memorabilia. Shop Walmart Canada for products that help you remember the moments that matter, whether you need a digital picture frame for your baby's first birthday party, or you want to display cute cat photos in your cubicle.




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