Enhance your home decor with mirrors

Accessorize every room in your home with mirrors that provide a practical reflective surface while adding to the appeal of your space. From decorative accent pieces that open up your room visually to bathroom mirrors that let you check your reflection close up; find the home decor you need at Walmart Canada.

Bathroom mirrors

Vanity mirrors designed for placement over a sink or bathroom counter offer a clear view while you're completing your daily personal grooming. Measure the space on your bathroom wall before purchasing a mirror and decide whether you want to mount it vertically or horizontally. Mirrors for bathroom vanities come in framed and unframed options to match the particular aesthetic of your powder room. Some have bevelled edges for a sophisticated look.

A small round or oval cosmetic mirror makes it easy to put on makeup or inspect your face for blemishes. Some models come on sturdy stands for table or countertop use, while others include a wall mount with an articulated arm that lets you position the mirror exactly where you need it. Cosmetic mirrors typically flip in their stand to give you a magnified view on the other side. A lighted makeup mirror provides extra illumination while you're applying blush and eye shadow, and some models offer various modes so you can see how your makeup looks in different lighting conditions.

Full-length floor mirrors

Get an overall view of your outfit with a full-length floor mirror that lets you get a head-to-toe view. Freestanding floor mirrors have integrated stands, so you can put them anywhere. The mirror tilts in the stand for easy viewing angle adjustments. Some also have a jewellery cabinet behind the reflective surface, so there's hidden storage for necklaces, bracelets and rings. A full-length mirror that mounts onto the wall or the back of a door might be another option. Pre-installed hooks simplify mounting.

Security mirror options

A strategically placed mirror can complement your home or office security system. Consider a half-dome mirror that mounts on a ceiling or in a corner to get a clear 180-degree view of everything below. Mount one in a large indoor space to track anyone who enters the area or place a security mirror outdoors to monitor visitors.

Decorative accents

Transform a room's look from small to spacious with a decorative mirror placed above a fireplace, bed headboard or seating area.  Decorative wall mirrors with elaborate frames or mirrors cut into eye-catching shapes give your home a distinct personal touch. A bedroom mirror made for placement above a dresser may have decorative elements at the top edge of the frame. Stick-on acrylic mirrored sheets open plenty of design possibilities, and you can reposition the pieces as needed to adjust the look. For a fun addition to any party, hang a mirrored disco ball from your ceiling to reflect coloured lights and create an exciting effect on your dance floor.

Mirror placement options

Wooden frames that divide the reflective surface into multiple sections provide a traditional look that pairs well with farmhouse decor. An octagon mirror with overlapping wire along the edges offers contemporary appeal in a modern home. Choose a mirror with an elaborate carved frame to add vintage flair to a formal space or go simple in an entryway with a small round mirror that reflects light from outside. Pair mirrors with room dividers to section off and draw attention to specific areas of your home.




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