Sofa & Couch Covers

Protect Your Furniture with Sofa Covers

Kids and pets often scratch or stain furniture, and sometimes adults even find it difficult to keep couches and love seats looking new. Sofa covers protect the exterior of your furniture's fabric, so you can prolong the life of your living room set. Explore couch covers in an assortment of colours at Walmart Canada so you can help stop crumbs and spills from damaging your furniture.

Upgrade Outdated Furniture

While sofa covers have practical purposes, many people choose them to conceal unwanted patterns or outdated materials. Hide a bold floral print under a neutral coffee or tan cover or liven up a solid-coloured sofa with a patterned cover. If you like your current couch colour but dislike its rough or itchy fabric, try a smooth microfiber cover. has a variety of sofa cover styles to match your home decor, whether you prefer simple solids or lively designs. You can also upgrade outdated living room sets with chair covers and slipcovers.

Protect Fabric from Wear and Tear

While many people claim leather looks better with age, you may disagree. The same is true for other fabrics, such as velour or polyester. Sofa covers from Walmart Canada help protect your fabric from flakes, scratches and fading, whether you use your couch daily or only sit it on when guests visit.

Keep a few sofas covers on hand so your furniture is always protected, even on laundry day. When stains or debris appear on the couch cover, you can generally just toss it in the washer and let it tumble dry on low. 

Clean Pet Hair and Dander Quickly

As a pet owner, you may constantly find clumps of hair or crumbs from dog bones on your sectional set or recliner. Vacuums or small hand-held vacs may help remove some of these messes, but a sofa cover also helps. Tightly knit sofa covers trap hairs and dander in their threads, preventing it from coating your coach or chair. Look for a waterproof sofa cover if your furry friend runs straight for the couch after a rainy day or is still learning to use the litter box.

Enhance Your Decor with a Sofa Cover

There may be times when you want to change the look of your living room, even if you aren't worried about pet hair or messy family members. Sofa covers enhance the appearance of your home with minimal effort on your part, especially if you choose a stretch sofa cover that slides easily over your couch, chair or sectional. Some covers are reversible, so you can experiment with different looks whenever the mood strikes.

Consider accenting your decor with furniture throws and decorative pillows, too. also has wall art, mirrors and other home decor essentials for your living room.

Search Slipcover Selections for All Furniture

Sofa covers aren't just for small couches. Search for sectional couch covers and chair covers so all of your furniture gets the protection it needs. Mix and match colours for an eclectic look, or choose several slips covers in matching hues for a classic look. You can also try pairing a patterned sofa cover with a couple solid-coloured chair covers.

Regardless of why you want covers for your furniture, Walmart Canada makes it quick and easy to improve your decor. Find sofa covers for every home, whether you have several sectionals or a cozy couch and chair set.




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