Plenty of Options to Choose From

At Walmart Canada, you'll find the flooring options you need to complete your home improvement project. We carry a wide range of materials including laminate flooring, luxury vinyl, tile, and more. Our passion for quality and value means you can expect to find materials that are both beautiful and durable. You don't have to sacrifice quality for style anymore!

You Can Never Go Wrong With Laminate

The benefits of laminate are considerable, which helps explain why it is so often the floor of choice for home improvement projects. Laminate combines the best of wood and synthetic materials with the visual appeal of the most luxurious flooring. It is also a breeze to install. Instead of using adhesive, you simply snap the interlocking pieces together to cover your floor. This is what is termed a "floating floor," which does not need to be attached to anything below it to be stable.

There is a range of hardwood flooring you'll find with us, spanning from dark wood that has become all the rage in recent years to the whitewashed look that coastal homeowners adore. With Walmart.ca, you can always find the perfect choice for your next flooring project.

Go Classic with Tile

There are few materials that come in more variety than tile. Our different tiles come in a huge range of materials such as self-adhesive vinyl, glass, and wood. Because we have so many different looks, it's easy to find something that fits your personality. And don't worry about installation--so many of our products are beyond simple to put in!

Even if you have never tiled before, self-adhesive options can make things easy. If you have a little more experience, or you just want to try your hand at an official tiling project, you can pick up standard stone tiles that require adhesive and grouting. It's all up to you.

Vinyl - a Great Option for Quality and Budget

Vinyl has come a long way in recent years. It is available in different wood-grained looks that add a touch of class while still being just as durable and affordable as ever. It is particularly appropriate for the floors of bathrooms and other areas where water is regularly present. After vinyl has been attached to the concrete below using appropriate adhesive, it can literally be submerged underwater for days without suffering any damage. So if you have a room that you think is going to get wet a lot, vinyl flooring might be the perfect solution.

Flooring Supplies

When you shop at Walmart Canada, you get the advantage of having access to not only the right floor materials but the tools necessary to get the job done. Browse our selection of cutting tools, adhesives, insulation, and more. Whether you come in-store for your supplies, or you order online, you can walk away with all you need for the job.

Let us help with your next flooring Canada project. Stop on by your local Walmart Canada or fill up your online shopping cart to get started!



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