Bean Bag Chairs


Lounge Comfortably in a Bean Bag Chair

Sharing a sofa can lead to arguments, especially if you have little ones who value their personal space. A bean bag chair provides separate seating, making family movie night or card games more enjoyable for everyone. A plush bean bag chair for kids transitions easily from the bedroom to the living room, so your child always has a comfy spot to sit or sleep. Walmart Canada has bean bags for every budget, whether you're shopping for yourself or need individual seating for your children.

Portable Seating That Goes Anywhere in Your Home

Curl up comfortably whenever the mood strikes, whether you're snacking in the kitchen, watching a movie in the living room or battling other gamers in the basement. Some bean bag chairs are even weather resistant, so you can take them to soccer games or barbecues. Bean bags are often stuffed with lightweight polystyrene, which makes them easily transportable for adults as well as kids. Many bean bag chairs feature a sturdy zipper, so your little one can move their seat without leaving behind a trail of beans.

Encourage Homework Completion with a Bean Bag Chair

Some kids get distracted by dinner prep or family conversations when they try to complete schoolwork at the kitchen table, but you may not have room for a standing desk in your child's room. Combine a bean bag chair for kids with a lap desk, and your child has the freedom to work nearly anywhere in the home. When homework is done, your youngster can relax with a book or play a handheld video game on their comfy bean bag.

Make Gaming More Enjoyable with Bean Bags

Gaming chairs are a comfortable choice for adults and teens, but younger kids may prefer the soft surface of a bean bag. Many bean bag chairs are armless, so your mini gamer has plenty of room to move their body as they chase after other characters or soar through the sky. Young kids who struggle to see the TV can move their chair closer to the screen without blocking the view of friends or family members who are also playing the game.

Add a Burst of Colour to Your Child's Room

Bean bags provide comfortable seating for kids, but they also enhance your home decor. Lend a splash of colour to your child's bedroom with a bright orange or yellow bean bag or liven things up with a bold design. Popular patterns include tie-dye, animal print and stripes, though you may also find styles with camouflage or geometrical shapes. Browse different fabric options, from soft microfibre to smooth vinyl, to find the right one for your child.

You can also search for a bean bag chair cover at A bean bag cover protects the bag's existing fabric while transforming its appearance, and it may even be machine washable.

Explore Other Kids Furniture Options

While many kids enjoy lounging in a giant bean bag chair, your child may prefer other types of furniture for kids, such as a child-sized couch or a tiny kids' chair. Select a mini recliner just like the one mom and dad share or maximize storage with an ottoman seat. Consider adding a kids' table to the playroom so your child has their own space for artwork and crafts.

Find seating for every member of your family, whether they prefer comfy couches or plush polysterene-filled bean bag chairs, at Walmart Canada. Browse our extensive selection of colours, patterns and fabrics so you can find the perfect addition to your home furniture collection.




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