Mason Jars & Glass Jars

Glass Jars and Lids for All Your Home Canning Needs

Once thought to have largely gone out of style, home canning in glass jars is making a comeback among people who wish to include more homegrown and homemade food into their diet.

At Walmart Canada, we carry a wide selection of glass canning jars and other types of food storage containers. If you'd like to preserve fruits and vegetables from your garden or keep soups and sauces for later use, then you'll need to use the specialized jars and lids made specifically for canning that are commonly known as mason jars.

Types of Canning Jars

There are two main types of glass jars for canning: straight sided, wide mouth jars and regular mouth jars. Whichever you decide to use will largely be a matter of personal preference. Many people prefer wide mouth jars for most canning purposes because they find them easier to fill and empty. Regular mason jars, however, pour smoother and so tend to be preferred for liquids.

Jars also differ in terms of their capacity. Smaller, 125 ml jars are usually used for jams and jellies, while 250 ml jars are popular for sauces, chutney, soups, salsa, and more easily packed fruits and vegetables. Larger, 500 ml to 1 L sized jars are best for pickling and storing a variety of fruits and vegetables.

Home Canning Tools and Accessories

The most important equipment for home canning is proper cookers and canners. These are essentially large pots that heat the food inside the jars to temperatures that are high enough to kill bacteria. High acid foods are safe to process in a boiling water bath while low acid foods require pressure canning.

Before you begin canning, you should have all of your other necessary canning tools and accessories on-hand as well, such as a canning funnel, a bubble remover and head space measuring tool, and a jar lifter. At Walmart Canada, we carry kits that contain everything you'll need for successful canning.

Mason Jar Lids

You may be wondering why you can purchase lids separately when mason jars already come with their own sets of lids and rims. This is because the jars and rims can be washed and reused, but lids are only meant to be used once. Canning lids have a special seal that helps to prevent food from spoiling after the jar is shut, but the seal only works effectively when it is in good condition.

Home Canning Tips

When canning at home, it is crucial that your canner is large enough to completely submerge all of the jars. Make sure, as well, that you examine your jars for cracks and damage before using them and that you buy new jars if necessary. Fruits and vegetables should be canned at peak ripeness because the canning process preserves foods as they are. It is also important not to fill your jars too full but not to leave too much space either. Filling to about 1 cm from the top is usually recommended.

If you're interested in other types of food preservation, Walmart Canada also carries vacuum sealers and fermentation equipment. No matter what technique you use, make sure you always follow proven recipes and use the proper food preservation equipment.



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