Food Storage & Kitchen Organization

Reduce Food Waste and Maximize Storage Potential With Tupperware 

From potlucks to pantries to school lunch boxes, Tupperware offers convenient food storage solutions for everyday situations. When snapped shut, these dishes prevent air exposure to the stored contents that can help prolong the shelf life of food items and maintain flavour quality. The portable nature of the containers makes them a popular choice for stashing snacks at work, expanding storage options in the kitchen and carrying prize-winning desserts to picnics and parties. A common addition to gift registries for weddings, these plastic and glass containers are often appreciated as housewarming gifts due to their wide range of uses.

Preserve Freshness of Bagged Lunches

Assembling your own bagged lunch lets you control portions and choose ingredients so that meals are personalized to your desires. The multiple sizes of Tupperware often included in boxed sets make it easy to store individual foods prepared ahead of time in separate dishes, which helps prevent flavors from mixing unintentionally during transport.

The airtight quality of lunch containers with locking lids helps preserve the freshness of sliced fruits and vegetables and provides additional safeguards against liquid meals such as soups and puddings leaking or spilling. When paired with insulated lunch bags, they also let individuals enjoy food that has maintained its temperature up to several hours after being heated or chilled prior to packing.

Save Leftovers for Convenient Grab-and-Go Meals

The inclusion of vented lids in your stash of microwave-safe bowls lets you store and heat foods all in the same dish, and brands such as Pyrex offer glass containers that can more easily endure repeated changes in temperature over time without cracking in comparison to their plastic counterparts. This lets you effortlessly transform portions left over from dinner into quick meal options the next day.

Simplify Organization in Kitchen Storage

Many types of food storage containers and lids come with nesting capabilities, which reduce clutter inside drawers and cabinets and let you quickly store and retrieve them while working in the kitchen.

And the wide selection of Tupperware such as modular cereal containers and flour canister sets lets you efficiently seal up partially used bags of cooking supplies and snacks located in your pantry. This helps keep salt and sugar from hardening or clumping due to exposure to humidity and baked or fried goods such as crackers, bread and chips from going stale.

Increase Cold Food Storage With Tupperware

Adding bins inside your refrigerator and freezer can potentially boost usable space, and selecting food containers with clear sides and built-in handles ensure that stored items are easy to identify and move. Specialty designs, including vented produce holders and portable crisper drawers, help maintain the quality of delicate groceries and salad fixings.

Easy to Clean Storage Solutions

The nonporous surface of Tupperware lets you wipe down and sanitize cubbies and canisters, which makes them a good choice for holding loose toys such as building blocks, action figures and doll accessories in kids bedrooms and classrooms. Organizers with multiple compartments take the frustration out of finding specific pieces in a hurry, and the ability to snap on a lid improves the portability of small games and playthings during visits to friend's houses and long car trips.

Pour Spouts Keep Pet Food Stations Tidy

Animal lovers can use large capacity containers with spouts that pour smoothly to keep feeding stations clean and hygienic while helping to prevent wasteful spills. The durable construction of brands such as Rubbermaid and Anchor Hocking help keep treats out of the reach of curious pets until appropriate moments for a reward and furnishes user-friendly storage for dog chow and cat kibble in between mealtimes.




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