LED Lights & Lighting

Home Lighting Options for Every Space and Budget

Lighting plays a major role when it comes to the ambiance of your home. The right lighting not only makes it easier to handle basic tasks, it can also drastically play up the drama in a formal space like your dining room. LED lighting options can illuminate your home while reducing energy costs in the process too.

Shop Walmart Canada to find LED lighting and traditional lighting options that are cost-effective and stylish for modern and traditional spaces. Everything from table lamps to wall-mount lighting and outdoor fixtures is available so that you can add the special finishing touches you've been waiting for. You can also find accessories like light bulbs and the hardware required for all your lighting needs. 

Find Functional, Affordable Lamps Daily Spaces

Floor lamps and table lamps do a lot of the heavy lifting in your living room, family room, den and home office. With single-light or multi-bulb floor lamps, you can provide excellent illumination to any sized room, especially those that are lacking overhead lights.

Table lamps add style to your space while making tasks like reading easier. Use them on side tables, end tables and nightstands throughout your home to give yourself a variety of different lighting options.

Walmart Canada features an assortment of floor and table lamps in sizes and styles to match every kind of home. Try a mahogany base with a classic white shade for a traditional style or get a chic gold base with a patterned shade for a look that's very on-trend.

Ceiling mount lighting fixtures can also add additional colour and design to even the most basic rooms. They're also ideal for spaces with low ceilings since they don't drop down like pendants, chandeliers, or ceiling fans with attached lighting.

Utilize Pendants, Chandeliers and Ceiling Mounts in Formal Areas

Drop-down pendants and chandeliers add a sophisticated touch to formal spaces like your dining room or sitting area. While some can cost a fortune, Walmart Canada has a ton of chandelier and pendant choices that give you the style you want at a fair price. Metal, gold, silver, faux-crystal and beaded options let you pick the style that sets the right mood for your room.

Add Elegance Throughout Your Home with Wall Sconces

Accent lighting pieces like wall sconces help fill in the gaps where overhead lights, table lamps and floor lamps can't reach. They're a unique decorative component all on their own, helping give your bare walls a bit of class.

Modern sconces in metal, traditional sconces in gold and transitional styles that look like painted wood or plaster can blend beautifully with any type of home décor. Match your sconces to decorative accents on existing pieces of furniture for a look that's fresh out of the pages of a design magazine. You can even wire your wall sconces to a light switch, making usage easy and accessible.

Illuminate Your Outdoor Spaces in Style

Enjoy the great outdoors with outdoor lighting for your walkways, deck, patio or poolside areas. Controllable via wall switch, timer, or with a solar option, outdoor lighting helps improve your curb appeal like you wouldn't believe! LED lighting for outdoor areas is efficient, too, so you won't see a big spike in your power bill.

Outdoor sconces are also great for barbecue areas, garages and more. There's no need to go inside just because the sun went down if you've got the right outdoor lighting.

Fine furniture, fresh paint and stylish accessories only get you so far. It's amazing what unique lights can do for a room, and without home lighting, you'll always wonder why your décor doesn't work the way you want it to. Shop Walmart Canada today to find LED lighting that's both functional and beautiful.



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