Table Lamps

Lamps for Any Table

Lamps are the kind of home décor that you cannot do without. While you may not need a lamp on every table, you can certainly use one in most rooms. Whether you need to brighten the space in general, want to create a specific mood, or simply need an accent that ties the room together, table lamps from Walmart Canada provide the solutions you are looking for.

At Walmart Canada, we are all about quality, variety and value. From bath & vanity lighting to chandeliers, we want to give you lighting choices that make it easy to fill your home with décor that is truly you. Please explore what we have to offer to find exactly what fits your needs!

Making it Easy to Find the Right Lamp

When you walk into Walmart Canada, you know your choice of lamps won't be limited. Both online and in-store have a large stock, ranging from the truly luxurious to modern and basic, and everything in between. Go for a dark wood to give your space a traditional vibe, or get a chic gold base for a modern, clean feel. 

Make your child's room a delight with a cute lamp. You'll get to pick from basic metal lamps to quirky ones, vintage, and countless other kinds. Kids bedrooms don't have to be boring ever again!

How to Pick the Right Table Lamp

One of the challenges that come with so many options is determining which is right for you. One of the easiest ways to decide is to consider what you need from the lamp you are buying. What are you going to use it for?

Many modern table lamps are designed with a specific usage in mind. They can be used for office work, to accent a wall or piece of art, for reading in bed, to illuminate a workbench and much more. Most include individual features like dimmer switches, different levels of brightness, and adjustable necks so that you can point light wherever you want. Are you trying to make your room more cozy and warm? Consider lamps with shades that cast a glow around the space--it's amazing what lighting can do!

What are the Size and Shape You Need?

You may be surprised to discover just how different lamps can be in size and shape. Some are tiny little things that sit on the table and do their best to stay out of the way. Others are big enough to dominate a side table or even a large table. Some table lamps that are quite tall, while others are very short.

While kitchens use options track lighting or pendants, bedrooms can be quite different. For a bedroom, consider a standard-sized lamp or slim floor lamp so that it doesn't dominate the space too much. But for a large family room, feel free to go big! A lamp that really makes a statement can do wonders for the vibe of your home. 

How Decorative do You Need it to Be?

Do you need a basic light for the kids to use or something that sits at your entryway to wow guests? Some of our table lighting comes in styles that are tough and durable, while others are beautiful and delicate. Antique-style lamp bases make a space feel sophisticated and grand. Sleek, simplistic glass designs give a clean and modern look. And if you're somewhere in between, don't has so many choices, you'll be able to find exactly what fits your personal style. 

Whether you need functional or novelty lighting, you'll find that Walmart Canada carries the lamps you need, helping you transform not just a room, but your entire home. 



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