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Storage Solutions for Home Organization

When it comes to storage, Walmart Canada has you covered! Just about every area of your house is even better when organized, including the kitchen, garage, bedroom, bathroom and closets. From plastic bins to shelving, laundry baskets to media needs, our storage solutions make it easy to keep your house and office clutter-free.

How to Get Organized

Trying to clean out a room full of clutter can be a bit intimidating. If you are feeling overwhelmed, know that you are not alone. Everyone finds themselves in need of a little home organization from time to time. Fortunately, getting organized is easier than it may first appear. With the right approach--and the necessary supplies--you can make short work of all that clutter.

The quickest way to start organizing is to make a place for each category of items in the room. When you have a place to put things, it makes it much simpler to keep them out of the way. For example, if you have a bunch of books, magazines and knick-knacks, a bookshelf gives you the space to store them vertically along your walls. If you have a hard time sorting your clothes, a closet organizer makes the perfect place to separate your clothing so that you can see what you have and keep it accessible.

Sometimes the best place for certain items is the attic, basement, garage or another out-of-the-way area. But instead of placing them in a haphazard pile, use stackable plastic storage containers that will make everything look more organized and neat. As a bonus, they'll keep water and pests away from your precious memories!

Media and Entertainment

Your media equipment is an expensive, precious valuable that you can't just store anywhere. Our media storage solutions keep your electronic gear in its place while letting you access it whenever you need to. They are perfect for most types of televisions, streaming devices and hard copies of media.

Food Storage

There aren't many storage bins more useful than those designed for storing food. Our high-quality food storage materials are designed to protect your food and keep it fresh as long as possible. See-through containers and jugs are great for pantry items like rice, beans, flour, and cereal, making them easy to see and pleasant to look at. 

For cans, try racks that organize them horizontally. You can store them by type or size, making visibility and access a breeze. And what about all those loose things that drive you crazy, like straws and napkins? You won't worry about them cluttering up your pantry ever again when you've got small bins and crates to keep them in!


Hanging your clothes has never been more convenient. offers a wide variety of hangers, including wood, foam grip, plastic, fold-up skirt hangers and more. Our hangers are priced affordably, so you don't have to worry about running out anymore. No one has to throw their clothes on the floor when you have plenty of hangers to use!

Make your dream pantry a reality with the huge range of jugs and containers we offer. Never worry about pests getting into your precious memories again when they're safe inside plastic bins. With the right storage materials at Walmart Canada, you can turn every space in your house into an organizer's dream!




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