Plastic Drawers and Carts


Organizational Drawers Boost Efficiency and Visual Appeal for Home and Office Areas

Storage is a necessity in personal and professional spaces and choosing the correct type of drawers for the area and task can simplify locating important items and increase productivity. Walmart Canada has a wide selection available such as wood and wicker combinations that complement stylish living area decor and multicoloured plastic drawers that make it easy to establish a colour-coded sorting system for office supplies.

Wooden Drawers Lend Warmth and Charm to Spaces

Whether you are seeking to expand on a modern, mid-century or country theme in your decor, name brands such as Winsome, Pur and American Imaginations bring the timeless elegance of wood to your organizational needs. The inclusion of wicker baskets and open shelves in tiered and modular storage drawers adds visual interest to your furnishings and provides the option to display books and curiosities while concealing clutter.

Small Details Offer Big Personality

Numerous finishes and wood types ensure that your storage sets match the colour scheme of your interior living space, and special details such as distressed paint, hardware accents and woven texturing build on the atmosphere created by the preexisting furniture in your home or office.

Take the Strain Out of Cleaning

The versatility of plastic drawers makes them ideal for busy families. The nonporous material is easy to wipe down and keep clean. This is particularly useful in heavily trafficked areas such as entryways and playrooms, as well as laundry rooms where exposure to dirt and grime is common.

Slim storage carts that roll between your washer and dryer keep detergents, stain removers and cleaners gathered in one location and readily accessible, while wire mesh rolling carts in your kitchen provide pantry-style space and organization.

Plastic Drawers Keep Up with Your Busy Lifestyle

Many plastic storage drawers made by Sterilite feature castor wheels, so they are easy to maneuver around rooms and see-through walls, which let you identify the contents at a glance. These translucent drawers often come in bright shades such as pink, aqua and black that blend smoothly into bedrooms and bathrooms.

Another benefit of these eye-catching shades is the ability to assign a specific coloured drawer to each family member and place them near the front door. This can help streamline morning routines so that each person can instantly locate their stored shoes, keys and personal possessions on the way outside.

Storage Where You Need It

The variety of wide, narrow and tower units available on Walmart Canada let you expertly tuck extra storage in between other furnishings. By eliminating wasted space and maximizing the potential capacity in every section of your building, including cubicles, storerooms and break areas, you can help prevent disruptive clutter and encourage performance.

Mobile file carts with drawer systems let you create supply stations that can migrate to key locations throughout the day. Individuals who need papers and equipment for presentations can park storage carts in their offices to prepare ahead of time before effortlessly transferring the necessary supplies to meeting rooms and conference halls.

Speed Up Everyday Tasks With Wheels

Wheeled storage also improves accessibility for janitorial staff who can pull drawers out of the way as they clean and maintenance workers who are tasked with moving furnishings to enlarge a space.

Utility carts help ensure mail couriers promptly finish delivering important documents and packages, and collapsible service carts such as the ones manufactured by Olympia Tools take seconds to fold and stash out of the way.





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