Getting Organized with Shelves

Household storage is always at a premium. Whether it is an overflowing pantry or a place to hold countertop kitchen appliances, shelves can help give everything a place. Storage comes in many shapes and sizes. Some units are decorative and meant to help display unique decor items while others are strictly utility options. Whether you need a hanging shelf to put up pictures or want a floor-to-ceiling unit for the garage, Walmart Canada has shelving options the help you keep your house neat, tidy and organized. 

Freestanding or Hanging Shelves

Shelving units can be self-contained with enough support to stand in the middle of the room. Some varieties might be intended for wall installations and have the option to anchor the unit for added stability. Hanging shelves have no support structure and install directly onto a surface. Self-contained, freestanding units are often used as bookcases. Many hanging shelves might take the place of a curio cabinet. In a kitchen, you might install a shelf to hold a small herb garden or to use as a spice rack. 

Where to Install Shelving

Anywhere in your house where clutter tends to pile up could benefit from some extra storage. If you have more magazines than comfortably fit on your coffee table, you might need some shelving to hold the back issues. An entertainment centre might come with in-built storage, but you can always add more. If your closets tend to get a little messy, you might want to add shelving to avoid floor piles or stacks of boxes that make finding items a chore. If you are installing hanging or floating shelves, be sure to install on a surface that can support the weight. You might want to find studs or a wall that is backed by concrete or brick to sink in anchors. 

Materials and Construction

Racks are available in plastic, metal and wood. For furniture that is part of your public decor, it may be best to stick with wood or finished metal pieces. Wireframe shelving is a solid choice for a bedroom or closet because it offers the options to use storage bins to hold odds and ends. Plastic shelving is easy to assemble and lightweight, making it a good choice for temporary storage solutions. It's also a good option for damp areas like a basement or garage. Metal utility racks often line the garage as a place to store tools and home maintenance materials. 

Organizers and Containers

Shelves give you a place to put things, but it can get pretty disorganized without containers to sort things. Clear plastic bins, fabric cubes and other storage solutions help put your shelves to work reducing the chaos and imposing order. 

Keeping Shelves Clean

Disposable wipes, feather dusters and vacuum cleaners can all help to minimize the dust and debris that can build up on shelving units. Depending on the type of shelving you have, you might need specific cleaners to keep them polished. Wood shelving often requires gentle cleaners that don't ruin the finish. With metal shelves, be sure to get rid of any excess moisture. If dust is a major issue, consider enclosed shelving solutions. A shelf unit with doors helps trap dust on the outside. 

Walmart Canada offers a variety of shelves that can help you organize your kitchen, display your movie collection or get your accessories in order. 




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