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Organize Your Closet with a Shoe Rack

Over time, closets tend to get overfull. You might hang up winter coats alongside summery dresses, eventually taking up all the available space. Your shoes can create a mountain on the floor underneath your clothes, making it difficult to pull together a good outfit. Install a shoe rack to get rid of the clutter and keep your footwear in proper order. Walmart Canada offers a variety of shoe organizers to keep your shoes in the right shape and scuff-free.

Keep the Floor Clear with a Shoe Rack

Dropping a pair of dress shoes by the door might leave your feet feeling better, but it can create a pretty big mess. Toeing off shoes in odd places can also make you late in the morning if you can't find a missing shoe. Installing a shoe rack by the front door is one way to keep your shoes up off the floor and paired up. 

Types of Available Shoe Organizers

A shoe rack is just one of the many organizers available to help you keep your shoes readily available. When you have dozens of pairs to go with different outfits, keeping organized can be tricky. High-heeled shoes don't always fit on a standard shoe rack, but a shoe holder might be a little more forgiving. A shoe stand might let you set up each pair in an upright position, helping your heels to stay in the right shape. Shoe bags and covers offer a way to keep dust and sunlight away from your footwear.

Benefits of Using a Shoe Rack

Using a shoe rack that works with your footwear helps keep your outdoor gear organized and creates less wear. When shoes rub against each other, it can leave scrapes and scuffs along the surface. Shoe racks hold each shoe apart, preventing friction. Keeping your shoe storage in an area with limited lighting can also prevent fading. Shoes that sit in sunlight or under harsh overhead light can change colour over time. 

Other Closet Organizing Accessories and Techniques

Getting your shoes organized and displayed properly is just the start of organizing your closet. Hangers that can hold multiple belts or stackable skirt hangers can help maximize your storage space. Multi-use hangers make it easier to find an item in a full closet. Hanging cubbies are another option to help organize the odds and ends that wind up in your closet. If you have hair accessories, jewelry or other small items that don't fit in your dresser, a set of hanging shelves can offer extra storage space. These organizers usually install with touch tape, so there's no need to break out the toolbox and deal with hardware. 

Fixing Damaged Shoes

For shoes that already show signs of wear, a shoe organizer is not enough. You also need a few tools and supplies to help get rid of the scuffs. A soft cloth and matching polish can blend away small scratches. A stiff bristle brush can pull up the nap on a suede shoe and get rid of dust. A shoe form can help pull out wrinkles and return a shoe to its original shape. Waterproofing spray keeps moisture on the surface and away from your feet.

Whether you need something to help you find your shoe or something to keep your closet clean, Walmart Canada has an organizer that may help. 





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