Storage Baskets and Containers


Choose the Right Bins for Each Room

One of the best ways to keep the place tidy — especially with a family — is to make sure there are bins in every room. Another great way to maximize space and keep your home neat and organized is to use storage boxes, which let you put things neatly away and stash it out of sight. 

Whether you need robust metal bins or pretty wicker baskets, Walmart Canada has a wide range of storage solutions to suit your needs and match your decor.  

Maximize Space with Clever Storage

Making a map of the storage you have available in your home is an excellent way to begin maximizing space. Once you know where everything is going to go, you can choose plastic or wicker storage baskets to fit each cupboard and corner. Ensuring that every item in the house has a designated place where it can go helps keep floor space neat and clear. 

Collapsible storage bins can be excellent for kids’ toys. A big box can be pushed under a bed or into a closet when it's full to save space. Plus, this type of storage can help kids learn the concept of putting their toys away when playtime is over.

Kitchen Waste and Recycling

Kitchen bins often see more messy waste than any other place in the house. Fruit and vegetable peelings, leftovers and packaging all find their final resting place at the bottom of the kitchen bin. Make sure it's sturdy and well-constructed to avoid leakage or unpleasant smells. In today's times, the environment is an important priority, and having the right bins to sort your waste, such as those from Sterilite, makes the process much easier. 

Kitchen storage is essential because it can help keep your produce fresher for longer. Sealed tubs and countertop organizers often look more appealing than the food's original packaging, especially with items such as sugar, instant coffee, herbs and spices.  

Keeping the Bathroom Organized

Whether you prefer a small or large trash can for the bathroom, Walmart Canada has options that are stylish and practical. Usually, small bins that wipe clean are the best option for the bathroom. Metal tubs are ideal as well because they last longer than plastic ones and have an updated look.

When it comes to bathroom storage, hanging shelves or corner units are often the most space-efficient.  

Bins for Outdoors

For those of you who can't resist a barbecue as soon as the weather permits it, outdoor bins are essential. If you and your family love spending time out in the garden, Walmart Canada has the bin to suit your needs and your decor. 

Suncast has a wonderful range of outdoor bins that are made to look as if they're part of the furniture. They also have a fabulous range of outdoor storage units. Some even double up as seating - which is the ideal method of saving space on the patio. 

A Fresh Bin Means a Fresh Home

Let's face it - if the bin smells, then the whole house isn't going to be fresh. There are several measures you can take to keep the bin's odour as lovely as possible. The first and most obvious being to empty it as regularly as possible. Make sure you use durable garbage bags every single time and with every type of bin - even wicker baskets. Finally, regular cleaning of your bins, inside and out, helps to keep your bin and your home smelling beautiful. 




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