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Prepare Quick Meals with an Instant Pot

Speed up meal preparation with a tabletop Instant Pot multicooker. With a wide range of functions, from slow cooking to pressure cooking, these small appliances let you make a variety of meals without taking up much counter space. Find Instant Pot cookers and accessories at Walmart Canada and make healthy, fast meals at home.

Large Capacity Cooking

Instant Pot cookers that hold six or eight quarts simplify preparation of large batches of food. Whether you're making a batch of chili for a pre-game party or preparing a whole roast for a holiday dinner, these large capacity cookers are designed to handle bulk cooking. Smaller three-quart models provide enough capacity for family meals while conserving space in a compact kitchen. A large multi cooker can also fit a whole chicken, so you can use it in place of a roaster oven or rotisserie. Models with a delayed start option let you prepare the ingredients and set a timer for when you want the food to cook so everything is ready when you want to eat.

Making Quick Meals

One of the most popular features of an Instant Pot is its ability to function as a pressure cooker. Similar to traditional stove top pressure cookers, these appliances use high pressure to rapidly turn ingredients in the inner chamber into a hot cooked meal. Use an electric pressure cooker to prepare dried beans from scratch without hours of soaking or make a rich, delicious chicken stock in minutes.  Adding an Instant Pot to your collection of small kitchen appliances is a quick way to expand your kitchen capabilities. Adjustable temperature levels and pressure settings let you control the process completely, or you can simply toss in ingredients and use a preset program to get great results.

Slow Cooking in a Multi Cooker

Slow cooking brings out the flavor of food and helps tenderize tougher cuts of meat, making it easy to create affordable, delicious meals without too much effort. The slow cooker function on an Instant Pot offers similar functionality in addition to letting you make other kinds of meals, too. If you plan to bring your stew, dip or party food to an event, a dedicated slow cooker might be another option to consider. Models with an automatic warming function keep food at the right temperature without overcooking it.

Preparing Specialty Dishes

In addition to slow cooking and pressure cooking functions, an Instant Pot also has multiple preprogrammed settings to create specialty dishes and popular meals. Cook rice, steam vegetables or boil eggs with the touch of a button on your Instant Pot, or use the sauté option to brown meat in the stainless steel insert. For families that only prepare a limited menu and don't need the extra functionality of a multi-functional cooker, consider a rice cooker or food steamer instead. Instant Pots may not achieve a high enough pressure level for canning, so you might need a separate stove top pressure cooker for that purpose.

Instant Pot Accessories

Attachments and accessories add extra functionality to your Instant Pot multi cooker.  A sous vide attachment creates a consistent water bath for immersion cooking in a pouch, while yogurt cups designed to handle high pressure let you prepare single servings of fresh yogurt. Replacement inner pots and seals keep your unit running properly and enable quick at-home fixes of minor issues.





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