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Ateer Shale Alches of the Dusk Sea closes the final chapter in the Ateer Dusk series and is the incarnation of features developed based on community feedback of the previous Dusk titles and new systems that combines ease of entry for newcomers, with the choice to advance gameplay for long-time fans. The battle system will incorporate strategy and speed, the time management system will be free from restrictions allowing for unmited play time and Alchemy RPG fans can look forward to a straightforward menu in the engaging Synthesis system. In Ateer Shale Alches of the Dusk Sea players chose to play as either the reserved, mission-focused Shalstera, daughter of a tribal leader who embarks on voyage to find a cure for her aing father or ambitious, energetic Shallotte, who has been struggng to bring success to the alchemy workshop since the passing of her father. While their personaties and appearance are drastically different, they both share the nickname Shale and uncover the reasoning why along each of their journeys- the dual main character system has been improved with separate stories and mtiple endings for Shalstera and Shallotte. For the first time in the Ateer series, Ateer Shale Alches of the Dusk Sea will include a 360 degree camera, giving players more freedom as they explore a vast world map that has expanded greatly with many new environments that evolve based on how the player progresses. In the new Quest system players can either take on only assignments necessary to progress the game or earn more points engaging in additional, more challenging quests.p

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Tecmo Koei
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