Lutema Platinum for Mitsubishi VLT-XD560LP Projector Lamp (Original Philips Bulb)

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Platinum solution for Lutema Mitsubishi VLT-XD560LP. Platinum Solution bulbs are origtinal Mitsubishi replacement lamp and provide same brightness and lifespan. We are an authorized Philips, Osram and many other lamp manufacturers; and sell only genuine products.

Part Numbers: VLT-XD560LP, VLT XD560LP, VLTXD560LP

Model Numbers: GW-370ST, GW 370ST, GW370ST, GX-660, GX 660, GX660, GX-665, GX 665, GX665, GX-680, GX 680, GX680, WD380U, WD380U EST, WD380U-EST, WD380UEST, WD390U-EST M, WD390U EST M, WD390U EST-M, WD390U ESTM, WD390U-EST M, WD390U-EST-M, WD390U-ESTM, WD390UEST M, WD390UEST-M, WD390UESTM, WD570U, MPD W6007, MPD-W6007, MPDW6007, WD 570U, WD-570U, XD360U-EST, GW 360ST, GW-360ST, GW360ST, MPD X5602, MPD-X5602, MPDX5602, XD 360U, XD-360U, XD360U, XD360U EST, XD360UEST, XD365U-EST, GW 365ST, GW-365ST, GW365ST, XD365U EST, XD365UEST, XD385U-EST, GW 385ST, GW-385ST, GW385ST, XD385U EST, XD385UEST, XD550U, XD550U, XD560U, MPD X5601, MPD-X5601, MPDX5601

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GX 660, MPD-X5601, Inc. - the industry leading manufacturer of Projection Lamps in North America., PartNumbers: VLT-XD560LP, VLT XD560LP, VLTXD560LP, GH-670, GW 360ST, GW 365ST, GW 370ST, GW 385ST, GW-360ST, GW-365ST, GW-370ST, GW-385ST, GW-665, GW360ST, GW365ST, GW370ST, GW385ST, Manufactured by MI Technologies, GX 665, GX 680, GX-360ST, GX-365ST, GX-660, GX-665, GX-680, GX-845, GX660, GX665, GX680, LVP-WD380EST, LVP-WD390EST, LVP-XD360EST, LVP-XD560, MPD W6007, MPD X5601, MPD X5602, MPD-W6007
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