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SHARKDOOK Mini usb aromatherapy air night light atomizing humidifier light wood grain

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Name: usb wood grain humidifier
Material quality: ABS+PP+silicone
Product size: 70*70*153mm
Color: light wood grain
Product standard configuration: a humidifier, a data line, a manual, a cotton swab
Water tank capacity: 300ml
Working voltage: DC5V
Spray volume: 30~40ml/H
Working current: 400mA
Use time: continuous spray 5H/intermittent spray 10H
Use power: 3W
Product weight: 198g
Product size: 153*70*70mm
Product material: ABS/PP/silicone
Accessories manual*1, data cable*1, cotton swab*1
Newly upgraded large spray, quiet and enjoyable humidification: 30-40ml spray volume per hour to meet the humidification needs of various scenarios
Learning to work refreshingly, creating a good office environment for you and improving your work efficiency
Nano-spray, non-wetting tabletop: Nano-atomization technology can send the decomposed and diffused water mist to the outside, making it difficult to wet the tabletop
Humidification in the bedroom, accompanied by night lights: While humidifying at night, the soft night lights will bring you a relaxing and peaceful sleep experience
Colorful breathing romantic atmosphere: long press for 1.5 seconds to turn on the colorful gradient night light; long press again for 1.5 seconds to fix the color; the third long press 1.5 to turn off the night light
Moisturizing and moisturizing, get rid of dryness: refresh your skin, bid farewell to dry and greasy skin, and show yourself the most beautiful