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Grand Emporium (10211)


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The LEGO Modular Buildings series continues with this spectacularly detailed 3-story department store, designed in a realistic scale with lots of special building techniques and rare pieces. On the street outside, citizens carry shopping bags, send letters at the mailbox, admire the window mannequins, and cool off at the ice cream stand while a busy window washer works above. Enter through the revolving door to discover a ground-floor clothing department, complete with a cash register, fitting room, hats, jewelry, perfume, and even a selection of spare trousers. A brick-built escalator carries customers to the second floor housewares department with glassware and golden plates for special occasions, and then it's up to the top floor for the toy department (complete with toy house and push-scooter) and a great big chandelier above the open atrium. Up on the roof are a billboard and skylight! Includes 7 minifigures and measures 15 in (38 cm) high and 10 in (25 cm) wide. Ages 16+. 2,182 pieces.
•Add this classic department store to your LEGO Modular Buildings collection
•Grand Emporium features many authentic details
•Set includes 7 minifigures
•Measures 15" (38cm) high and 10" (25cm) wide
•Build five mini modular buildings including the Grand Emporium in the 10230 Mini Modulars!


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Age 13+
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LEGO LEGO® Creator Expert® - Grand Emporium (10211) is rated 4.8 out of 5 by 238.
Rated 5 out of 5 by from So very amazing Wow, all I can say is that this set is amazing. A three level department store with the works. I got this set as soon as I heard it came out, and now i give this review to you as a gift, and i just want to say this beforehand, Short review: Buy this set. Outside ground floor The outside is, as always, where this set starts. You sort through the pieces for the tiles and make an extravagant pattern that looks even better than it does in the picture after you finish it. The pattern consists of a few flat studded bricks, drain/grill plates, dark gray, light gray, dark blue and white. There is a mailbox that opens towards the building for the mailman to pick up* and a light post right next to it. The other part of the corner has an ice cream stand with super duper rare and a box that could be used as a trash can or a box for the ice cream man to keep his stuff. The view of the outside into the first floor displays is amazing, you can see the mannequins with what looks like a bride and groom pair of suits or just some fancy outfits as well as the escalator and a display of some hats. The first floor: This is the clothing and random other unnamed things. There is, like I said, a mannequin display and hats but there is also a back door to a small outside covered area with a trash can. There is a counter with an old style cash register with the round part that should have the buttons and the lever but the stand has a flaw that is half made up for. The flaw is that the design leaves two studs that minifig cannot stand on but they still sick out and block the minifig from getting close to the stand, plus the fact that it is a high counter so it is hard for the customer and the clerk to reach. The display that causes this though is what half makes up for it because it is diamonds/gems(but you can't really see them). The second floor: The second floor is not as cool as the first floor but hey, it's smaller. it is smaller because of the escalator guard that is unnecessarily large and takes up way more space than it should, that ought to be fixed, but the escalators more than make up for that. The cool plates and glasses that, for once do not have a purpose other than display or as pieces finally let you use these for your other houses or people. Other than these and the window that opens, and the awesome (formal form of ward, as in awe, not street use) display of artistry type work on the outside with the flags, there is only one more thing to discuss, another small flaw. The second floor flaw aside from the large railing(that is the third floor flaw, for reference) is that the walkway where the escalator comes off is only two studs wide so a minifig cannot walk there straight, which, along with almost every flaw, seems to largely effect the way this set can be made into a stop motion video set. OH YEAH, I forgot, the escalator, it is so much simpler than it looks and super easy to build and the best part of it, it has SEVEN(7) new 2010 pieces, woo hoo. These new pieces are like the so called "cheese wedge" or rather 1x1x2/3 slopes but it is two long so you don't need to put two together in MO-Cs and have that unattractive split in the middle, this piece will be handy in the future. The third floor: This floor has not two, but three displays that are Bouncy balls that are really zamor spheres, a doll house that looks a bit to me like the white and red creator house and a scooter that fits a small minifig perfect. The scooter has a nice thin design that is sleek, simple and fun. The escalator ends here but there is a skylight with, wait, what's that, hanging there, it can't be, no, IT IS; A CHANDELIER. The chandelier can be seen partially from the top corner window of the box picture and under the "more images" section up at the top of this page but the weird thing is that you cannot see it from that angle after you build the set, unfortunate. It has a surprisingly easy to make but hard to think of design that is simply magnificent. The gem at the bottom is just plain awesome. Three more things on this chandelier: it has a stick on it so it stays with the third floor when you take it apart and to be connected, there is a break in the pattern but it faces the wall, so whatever and lastly, the part that connects it to the wall will let it tilt upward and looks like a laser cannon sort of thing or you can make it 180 to face up and then rotate it to face it down so it moves to right next to the wall. Also, if i am not mistaken, this is the first modular house to not have a stair case to get to the roof, aw. Speaking of which... The roof and other stuff: Finally, the roof, real simple details with what I think is new pieces and cylinders with some awnings. Lots of room for almost anything that you can think of from a band on a rooftop to a bungee jumper. there are three main parts to the roof, first, the billboard. This billboard has everything a billboard possibly needs, a giant face, a 3D present, a new 2x2 plate with one stud in the middle and a spot for the guy who changes them. The second roof part, the skylight, you may remember me talking about the skylight earlier but it is even more impressive from the top. It is two very large car windshields and a long flat element that needs it's own separate bag. It is sealed down tight but is not actually held by studs, but actually just held down by a total of five pieces. The part across the top is key because if you take it off, they still stay but they can slide out for whatever reason night you might need them to but it also provides a perfect spot for a sword fight over glass or a "pit" so to speak. The last and just about funniest part of the set, the window washer, I know, this is why you read the review, don't hate me for taking so long to get here.. Anyway, the window washer himself is a cute little guy with the same face as all the other people in the modular house sets (a clone O_O) and a little broom, he looks like the guy who would replace the billboard, handy, a two-in-one minifig. the window washer platform is small but handy and has a clear cup for him so he does not get thirsty and the plank that prevents him from falling off(for the most part) does not block him from standing on half the studs, yay. The one thing that bothers me about the platform though is that it cannot reach the second floor windows, Well that concludes my review, except for the always important love em' or hate em' pros and cons. Pros and Cons --------- Cons: --------- Not ideal for videos but can be somewhat fixed. It is annoying when you accidentally place a letter tile in place of a white tile while you're building this set because you cannot get it out without tearing off the rest of all of the tile pieces around it. The escalator does not move, good bye, dream for this set =''( window washing platform does not go to second floor. no staircase/escalator or any access to the roof ------- Pros: ------- plenty of places for dramatic battles. good use of arch type of pieces rare and unique new pieces I have never seen great new colors nice flower pots for once, an easy to make, consistently used ceiling/upstairs floor design. For the rest of the pros and cons see the main review, this was just the extras *mailman not included GET THIS SET PS: To the Lego Company, is it possible to make a set(s) containing jar jar binks, Qui gon jin, Padme Amidala, and the Episode 1 form of Obi-wan kenobi? I missed out on the Episode 1-3 sets that included them.
Date published: 2010-08-20
Rated 5 out of 5 by from One of the Best Purchases I Have Ever Made! This set is incredible!!!!!!! First of all the Grand Emporium is 2182 pieces for only $150! What really is awesome is how huge the set is for $150. It looks like a $200 set! I will be doing a review on this set on my youtube channel soon if you want to know more about this set. 1st Floor: The first floor is totally the best floor because it has the most inside detail. I like the changing station with the naked guy that was a pretty funny feature. There is two manikins in the shop. There is a perfume section and a cash register station. I really love how they put little jewels inside the cash registers glass pane. There are some hat stands. What I really love about the set is the elevators. They look so awesome! There are so pants set up and a outside door too go outside in the back. One of my favorite features is the spinning doors. They are so fun you just spin them and they go rapid fire around in circles. 2nd Floor: The second floor is probably the worst but I like it. There are some cups and plates set up. What I don't like about this floor is that there is not much detail in it. There is a elevator and a opening window too. 3rd Floor: The third floor is better than the second because there is a little more detail. The third floor is the toy shop and it has 3 toys. The first one is a dollhouse, second is two balls, and third is a scooter. The floor has a opening window and a elevator. The floor also has a chandelier which looks VERY cool and is awesome!!!!! The Roof: The roof has a skylight which is really cool and a billboard with a lego head and a present. Outside: The outside is my favorite part of the set is the outside. At the top is a very cool detail that describes the outside of the roof. There are a bunch of cool windows on the second and third outside floors. There is two huge windows with bars that are just for looks. There are cool looking flags on the side of the building. Th bottom has a VERY AWESOME shop sign that was fun to build. There are really cool shades on the side. Their is a ice-cream stand, flowers pots, a trash can, and a mail box outside. In the back of the building is a back door with a lamp on the top of the door with a trash can. THE OUTSIDE WILL AMAZE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Minifigures: You get a shopping girl with bags, a cash register girl, a naked man with pants in its hand, a little kid, a window washer, a male manikin, and a woman manikin. Review: This is as I said one of the best purchase I have ever made and this is totally a must buy set! Besides the small stuff in side the 2nd floor I still liked everything in this set. My critics rating: A BIG FAT 10 out of 10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Date published: 2013-02-21
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Awsome building Ths is one the top best building set ever! The detail of the building is outstanding. A 11/10 rating. I wish this set never to retire ever! and a good value. I would say to everyone that doesnt have this to buy it. This set would be my top favorite set.
Date published: 2012-12-29
Rated 5 out of 5 by from My Very First Modular = SUCCESS! This review may be similar to many on here but I have to say this is a wonderfully detailed set! There are so many unique building experiences to be had with this modular, the chandelier, the SHOP signage, the escalators, etc. Although it does get a bit repetitive with the second and third floors (the windows especially) I didn't mind it so much because having that repetition gives it a realistic look! Many would argue that the first floor is busy compared to the second and third floors, but I think theres room for builders to add their own shop items if they felt like it, its so versatile! Overall - a great unique building thats worth the price and the time you put into it.
Date published: 2012-09-16
Rated 5 out of 5 by from A Grand Modular! This is a great modular building. It is the second corner modular in the series and it looks great next to the other modular's. The outside of the building looks great how the word shop is on the front is a very nice touch the revolving doors are also a nice feature I like how all the modular's have a different featured entrance really helps give it the city look. I also enjoyed how there is a window washer that was a great idea to put him in there. The inside details are very nice each floor has nice unique accessories which is always fun. Something that was very nice was the dressing room on the first floor that was something i have not seen before in Lego. Something else i have noticed is each modular has a different way to go up floors and this one had some very nice escalators which gives it a real mall/shopping center look. Pros: Dressing room Window washer Revolving doors The great details on the inside and out. Escalators Cons: None
Date published: 2012-12-03
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Just Superb This has to be one of the best sets that Lego has come up with in recent years. Once built, it just looks amazing and makes me regret not buying the Greengrocer or Cafe Corner sets when I had the chance. This set is built in 3 stages - so all the bags are numbered from 1 to 3. The first stage (all the bags numbered 1 ) involves the building of the ground floor and the sidewalk. The building of the sidewalk may be a little tedious for some as there are a lot of small pieces involved, but I have to say that I was in Lego utopia during this whole time and didn't mind one bit. You soon start to realise that it's a very intricate design and that an incredible amount of thought has been put into this set. The ground floor consists mainly of a clothing and jewelry department as well as a cashier (the only one in the whole shop strangely enough) and a very clever changing room. The escalator appears very realistic as well, and the sign which says "Shop" has a very clever build. The second stage is the construction of the second floor. Some interesting building techniques utilised here, particularly with the curved appearance of the windows above the "Shop" sign. The second floor consists of kitchenware - having said this, I felt that a lot more could have been done on the interior of this floor as there appears to be a lot of empty space left and leaves it looking somewhat bare. The third stage involves the construction of the third floor and the roof. Again, the construction of the third floor is similar to the second - and again, the detail on the interior is lacking a little. It's a toy section but there is again a lot of space that is not used up and I feel that Lego may have missed an opportunity to really make this a truly unforgetable set by just adding a little more detail here and there, but I have to say that I am being extra critical in saying that. Two things that do stand out for me in this section are the construction of the chandelier (just superb) and the construction of the bill board. I am constantly amazed at how Lego come up with such amazing and realistic designs, but at the same time, I guess that why Lego is such a great product. One last thing I will say - again, there's not enough minifigs with this set. You get 2 store workers - not even 1 per floor which I would have thought would be a minimum requirement - 2 shoppers (a boy and possibly his mum) and a window cleaner. So there's no one to manage the ice cream stand outside. I think that a couple more minifigs would have been welcome here, especially given the cost and size of this set. However, despite this, I have to say that this overall is a set for every Lego fan - no regrets, and well worth the price tag, even despite a couple of very minor issues.
Date published: 2010-12-31
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