Pump Up the Volume with JBL Sound

A great playlist can motivate you at the gym, put a smile on your face and get your toes tapping. The quality of the speakers you use can turn your favourite hits into pulse-pounding tunes or tinny screeches. JBL makes a variety of audio products to deliver high-quality sound to a variety of applications. Whether you're rocking out in the car or jamming to personal tunes through headphones, JBL Canada has a quality product. Check out the selection at Walmart Canada and hook up your player on-the-go or at home. 

The JBL Sound Experience

Authentic, true-to-life sound is the foundation of the JBL line. As an audiophile's go-to producer, this brand offers affordable, durable, rich and well-rounded tones. The line-up features everything from portable speakers to wireless headphones and subwoofers that bring punchy, thumping bass.

Partying on the Go

While wireless speakers may not be a necessity, these sound blasters make it easier to enjoy tunes in any setting. Whether camping in the great outdoors or enjoying a picnic in the park, you can sync your speakers to your phone or media player and enjoy a personalized soundtrack. JBL makes a variety of portable Bluetooth speakers that offer surprisingly round sound. Many of the brand's options are waterproof and protected against drops. Rugged and durable is the design parameters for speakers that travel with you. 

Grooving at the Gym

When getting in your workout, some fast beats can help you keep up the pace. Wireless earphones let you pump to tracks that help keep your motivated and excited for another lap. Whether you enjoy treadmills and ellipticals or a session of reps on the weight machines, having music playing can help you stay focused. 

Headphones also offer the ability to listen to content that requires privacy. Whether you're listening in to a work meeting or handling a client inquiry while grabbing lunch, earphones let you keep things private. JBL Canada offers on- and in-ear versions, in both wired and wireless models. Water-resistant, wireless headsets are often the go-to choice for the gym, while noise-cancelling headphones are best for noisy environments like airplanes or cafeterias. There are even kid's versions available that manage sound levels to avoid damaging developing ear drums. 

Booming Through Traffic

In addition to its portable sound options, JBL also makes car audio speakers and subwoofers. These aftermarket upgrades turn your vehicle into a travelling party. Designed to retrofit easily, speakers come in standardized sizes like 6.5" or 4" in diameter. Many Toyota models come standard with JBL speakers since the brands partnered up in 1996. JBL is known and recognized as a global leader in sound quality. 

Constant Connectivity

With portable units, what makes JBL speakers stand out is the ability to connect with any music player that supports Bluetooth and extended battery life. Many speakers offer as much as 20 hours of playtime on a full charge. That's enough to last an entire day. Speakers recharge overnight and are ready for the next morning.  

Always Authentic

Walmart Canada offers a variety of authentic JBL products to improve the audio in every area of your life. Whether you need a speaker to handle a small presentation or a pair of headphones to keep up with the latest webinar, there's a sound option in stock. 





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