A watch is the perfect day-to-day accessory for both men and women. From fun, sporty models, to more refined options ideal for work and evening wear, Walmart Canada has a ton of watches for you to choose from.

You'll also find other accessories like bracelets, rings and jewellery storage for easy organization.

Men's Watches

Many men wear a watch every single day, pretty much only taking it off to shower and exercise. With men's luxury watches you can pick your favorite style and make it a major part of your wardrobe for years to come. In fact, quality watches often begin to look better as they age. The only question is whether you prefer silver or gold. If metal isn't your style, leather bands in black and brown can pair with many outfits for formal and fun occasions.

If you prefer something a little more unique, consider fashion models by brands like Guess watches. These stylish watches are so cost-effective that you can buy a few and always have the perfect accessory for work, weekend wear, or a night out on the town.  Wooden watches are also extremely popular among men who prefer a bolder look.

Men who are always on the go or looking for a little help with their exercise routine should invest in a rugged digital watch. Many models are water-resistant or even waterproof, allowing you to switch from land to sea with ease.

Women's Watches

Women have a ton of choices when it comes to fashionable watches by designers such as Michael Kors, with multiple models to match your personal style. Classic options in gold, rose gold, or silver with single-colored faces can pair with almost anything. Best of all, you can easily dress your watch up or down depending on your needs.

For an updated modern look, shop for an oversized face. Bold colors can also help match your favorite wardrobe items, so you've got a put-together and polished look every day. Durable digital watches are available for women as well, letting you hit the gym or play your favorite sport in style.

The right watch can complete a casual outfit or formal evening wear, helping you put together a look that's fun, chic, sophisticated or all of the above. Shop Walmart Canada today to find the ideal watch for your wardrobe. Fashion jewellery and men's jewellery can also help you put the finishing touches on your look.




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