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Showcase Your Love with Engagement Rings

Celebrate your commitment with engagement rings from Walmart Canada. Traditional diamond solitaires, alternative rings and wedding sets give you plenty of options, so it's easy to find the ideal ring for your bridal ensemble.

Diamond Engagement Rings

A woman wears her engagement ring her whole life, so picking the right ring means finding a style she loves. Classic diamond solitaires featuring a round, marquise or pear-shaped centre stone offer an elegant traditional look, while princess and oval cut stones present a more modern style that contemporary brides may prefer. Look for engagement rings with four or six sturdy prongs to keep the diamond safely in place during daily wear. For women who want a bit more sparkle, rings that have smaller diamonds cascading along the band increase the shimmer. A halo ring sets the centre stone above the ring for a pop-out effect that draws attention to the diamond, while a ring with four smaller diamonds set together in a square pattern creates the illusion of a larger central diamond.

Many diamond rings are set in 14K yellow gold or rose gold settings, but you might also opt for white gold or silver rings if you prefer those hues. For a dramatic look, consider a ring with black diamonds surrounding the centre stone. You might also complement your diamond solitaire ring with a pair of diamond earrings to create an elegant cohesive look whenever you attend formal events.

Alternative Rings

Some couples opt for alternative rings instead of diamonds, and you can find plenty of non-diamond engagement rings at Walmart Canada. Stones that mimic diamonds, such as cubic zirconia and white sapphire, offer a similar look at an affordable price. Rings set with other gemstones, such as emerald, blue sapphire or ruby rings, provide a colourful alternative. Another option is a pink morganite engagement ring, which sets a delicate romantic tone, or you can get a ring with a pink sapphire, amethyst or citrine at the centre. No matter what type of engagement ring you choose, it's a good idea to get a jewellery box or armoire to keep your wedding pieces safe and secure when you aren't wearing them.

Empty Mounts

If you have your heart set on a particular stone or have inherited a diamond from a relative that you want to mount in a ring of your own, an empty engagement ring mount might be what you're searching for. These bands include a pronged top, so you can have a jeweller set your diamond directly into the band. Settings come in a variety of styles, so you can find a solitaire model or one with smaller stones already set into the band. Once your diamond is mounted, you can maintain it easily by polishing the band and putting the ring into an ultrasonic jewellery cleaner every few weeks.

Bridal Sets

Bridal sets include both a wedding ring and an engagement ring that lock together to create a single unit on the bride's finger. The matched bands complement each other, eliminating the need to get a separate wedding band. Some bridal rings have intricate twisting bands with small stones set along the scrolls to glimmer in the light. If you're not buying a matched bridal set, consider getting your wedding band at the same time as your engagement ring so you know the two fit together well on your finger. While you're thinking about coordination, consider the wedding band your spouse plans to wear as well. Men's rings made of the same material as the engagement ring ensure that both spouses' rings look similar.

Shimmering anniversary bands with a line of tiny diamonds let you add another ring into the set to celebrate an important milestone in your marriage. For your wedding day, a shimmering tiara or hair accessory that matches your bridal set can create a gorgeous look as you walk down the aisle. 





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