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How to inspire creativity in your kids this holiday


Dedicate a space or area in your home where your kids can go to colour, create, play music, dance or do anything creative that they enjoy.


Encourage them to create personalized gifts themselves rather than buying them.


Have them create Holiday cards for family members, friends and teachers.


Introduce them to scrapbooking! Scrapbooking is a great past-time especially on those cold, snowy winter days.


Get them to try something new. Whether a new food, activity or book, encouraging your kids to come out of their comfort zone will get their creative juices going.


Help them find the tools they need for whatever creative project they choose to start.

About Just My Style

Just My Style is an award-winning brand of fashion and self-expression activities that inspire creativity through personalization for today’s tweens. Unleash your creativity through jewellery making, cosmetic creations and customizing accessories!



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