10 Barbecue Must-Haves

A grill master knows that there’s more to barbecuing than a good cut of meat. Stock your kitchen with these 10 barbecue must-haves before you get grilling.

Grill Gear 101

You’re fired up and ready to grill, but you won’t get far without a few key tools and accessories. The key to any good meal is preparation, and that comes down to the tools you need to get the job done. You don’t need elaborate gadgets or the latest tech to master the art of barbecuing — just a few simple pieces of gear and some practice.

10 Grilling Must-Haves


Barbecue Cleaning Brush

The first step in barbecuing is cleaning the grill. Scrape away stuck-on food, ash, and any buildup from barbecue grates with the help of a tough cleaning brush.

Barbecue Lighters

This is a key piece of grilling gear; without fire, you have no barbecue. Many barbecues have a push-start button, but in case this fails, a lighter is a good backup. Consider buying two or three, in case one goes missing or runs out of fuel. And if you have a charcoal grill, don’t forget to grab a bag of charcoal and a long lighter to keep your hands away from the flame.

Barbecue Basting Brush

Barbecued meat slathered in a rich, tangy barbecue sauce — what could be better? Once your meat is on the grill, use a basting brush to add some saucy delicious your meal.

Grilling Pans

Make a full meal on the barbecue with some help from a grilling pan. These are perfect for preparing veggies and seafood, without the worry of smaller pieces of food slipping through the grill grates. 

Grill Baskets

Just like a grilling pan, a grill basket is an easy way to grill veggies, seafood, and small cuts of meat without losing any tasty morsels. The open slots in the baskets ensure the food gets the smoky flavour of the barbecue without causing a mess.


Add some colour to your grill with homemade meat and vegetable kabobs. All you need are a few reusable metal skewers, and your ingredients. Stack slices of colourful veggies and tender meat for food that’s as appealing to the eyes as it is to the taste buds.

Spice Rubs & Barbecue Sauces

One of the fundamentals of barbecuing is achieving a perfect lip-smacking, finger-licking flavour. Spice rubs and barbecue sauces help you create the perfect balance of sweet, smoky, and spicy. Stock your pantry with a few classic flavours — like honey garlic, Cajun, jerk, and Montreal steak — to ensure you always have a tasty seasoning on hand.


A good set of long tongs is one of the most useful items you’ll own. Use them to easily grab, move, and rotate items on the grill, and transfer food from the barbecue to your plate.


Don’t underestimate the value of a good spatula. Tongs are great for turning hotdogs, sausages, and steaks, but you’ll want a spatula for food that you can’t easily grab, like burgers.

Meat Thermometer

Undercooked meat is hazardous to your health, and overcooked meat is unappetizing. The solution: a meat thermometer. From rare to well done, this handy tool helps you cook each piece to perfection.

Grilling Tips :

• Preheat your grill for 15-20 mins. before you start cooking
• It’s easier to clean your grill when it’s hot, so scrub it with your cleaning brush after preheating
• Avoid cross-contamination in foods by using different cutting boards, utensils, and plates for different foods, raw or cooked
• When meat is done cooking, let it rest under tented foil for 10 mins. so juices can redistribute evenly
• Think outside the sauce: experiment with different seasonings, rubs, and marinades to give your meat flavour
• Don’t poke, prod, or flatten your meat; this forces juices out

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