15 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

The perfect Valentine’s Day present for him can be a challenge, but don’t worry — the balance of surprise and thoughtfulness is the perfect recipe for a gift that will please.

Valentine’s Day Gifts 101

Do you need help with Valentine’s Day gift giving for him? This buying guide will help you. Narrowing down the choices can be intimidating but with this guide, you can rest assured that you will find the right gift. Need more convincing? Just read on! From techie to foodie, we have the gift guide to make planning a Valentine’s Day surprise easier for you.

New Experiences, New Memories


GoPro Action Camera

Capture all of your adventures without missing a second of the experience. In a more tech-savvy world, experiences have become easier to share via different avenues: social media, email, mobile applications, and cloud-sharing, among many others. Share your weekend kayaking in Algonquin Park or your hike up the Rockies with friends and family. Take them with you as they relive your adventures from your perspective. It’s the closest thing to being there with you!

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Digital SLR Camera

Is he looking to learn and improve his photography skills? Take the time and learn how it’s done by the pros with a digital single lens reflex (DSLR) camera. With increased control, DSLRs are ideal for controlling all aspects of your images such as contrast and noise control. Before you go on your next trip, make sure to play and experiment with your camera to ensure that you’re comfortable, and above all, ready for that decisive moment before you click.

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Smart Watches

For the gentleman who likes to keep track of all aspects of his busy life, the smart watch keeps track of appointments, fitness, and banking, among others. Different apps for Android and iOS platforms help expand its use and long-term intuitiveness. Smart watches complement smartphones that can be packed away in a folio or a back pocket. The latest renditions of this wearable technology can reply to text messages, emails, and social media interaction. It’s only a matter of time before teleporting yourselves to Hawaii is a reality.

Shaving/Grooming System

A gentleman starts the day with his best face forward. A shaving system helps present oneself in the best way possible for meetings with staff and clients, as well as with friends and family after work. Smooth or scruffy, help him get comfortable in his style with new shaving and grooming tools that are as tailored as his bespoke jacket. He knows that you want to see him at his best.


The groomed gentleman turns heads as he enters a room with his favourite scent. The perfect scent can complete an outfit for a special dinner or a night on the town. His tailored jacket and dress shirt might do the trick but having the right scent, when applied correctly, can add another layer to the outfit. When it comes to romance, it’s all about the little things and scent is no exception.


Every man needs one thing: a timeless, classic watch. Take the time to choose a watch. A chic analog watch can complete an outfit for a romantic dinner at your favourite restaurant or a night listening to jazz. With leather straps or metal bands, analog watches are a stylish and traditional way of keeping track of time. Trying a more casual look for weekend brunch? Digital watches come in different colours and styles to suit his tastes. For sports, there are digital watches that are made of waterproof and sweat-proof silicon or plastic so he can be ready for any action in style!

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Let’s face it — packing for a trip, no matter how long it is, can be stressful. Figuring out the most versatile pieces of clothing, shoes, and electronics can overwhelm the most seasoned traveler. Having a great set of luggage makes a huge difference. Knowing that your checked-in luggage will survive the trip crossing time zones is comforting! He can pack all his needs in a hard body suitcase or soft body. His casual outfit and dinner ensemble can easily be packed without worry. Electronics, on the other hand are different. It’s become common practice to travel with a laptop and cameras to capture moments on vacations. Protect your laptop and tablet by using insulated laptop bags and messenger bags. A romantic weekend getaway with you also requires a bit of packing — good luggage is a gift that keeps on giving.

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Backup Battery

Running out of juice when you’re out and about in a new city is not an ideal situation. Explore new destinations without worrying your camera’s battery life. With a full-charged backup battery, see the important monuments and eat at fabulous restaurants with your smartphone in tow, with dictionary and map applications that won’t leave you lost or ordering that unfamiliar local delicacy. Stay connected with family and friends with your social media updates. Jetsetters have moms, too!

Toiletry Bag

Traveling in convenience means having all his toiletry handy for business trips and as well holiday getaways. Having all his toiletry essentials in one easily stowed bag is the difference between feeling confident that he has all he needs to take care of himself, and being able to be on his best for when you paint the town red on vacation. Go on holidays with him as relaxed as he can be.

For Home Bodies


Smart TV

Entertainment can make or break an evening after a long at work. Smart TVs have become the go-to solution for integrating all entertainment from the internet, DVDs/Blu-ray discs, external hard drives, smart phones, and tablets. If you can picture a giant tablet with the same mobile apps, you get Smart TVs. You can stream from Netflix, watch movies from DVD or Blu-ray disks, or even connect it to other devices like your tablet or smartphone. For a romantic night in, enjoy the immersive experience of worry-free entertainment with a romantic comedy.

Movie Projector

Keep Valentine’s Day going through to warmer months! Take the movies to your backyard with a movie projector and a dinner under the stars. Think of an old Italian movie projected on the a wall in the backyard with a great three-course Italian dinner menu that is just delizioso. Make it a night to remember and there’ll be many more.

Popcorn Maker

For any movie buffs, a trip to the cinema is one treat after another. The thrill of being in a space designed for the optimal experience of sight and sound is unbeatable. Let’s not forget about freshly made popcorn! However, time and money can be a challenge. Why not complete the home theatre experience with a popcorn maker? With this gadget, the taste of freshly popped popcorn is a few minutes away. Not to mention that you can control how much or little butter and salt you add for your film accompaniment.

Record Player

The warm sound of music from a vinyl record is like nothing else. It’s nostalgic, warm, and the opposite of digital files stored in your hard drive. Right now, vinyl records are experiencing a second wind. Enjoy his growing vinyl collection with a new record player. Some of today’s record players come equipped with USB connection and MP3 conversion compatibilities that make the navigating between analog and digital easier. Want to listen to that rare vinyl that his grandpa bought in the 1960s? Convert records into MP3 files to listen to on your smartphone or tablet for timeless music to set any mood.

Rechargeable Wireless Bluetooth Speakers

Beyond the daily commute to work or running on the treadmill, unleash music’s power when it’s shared with friends and loved ones. For a romantic Valentine’s Day celebration, share the music that brought you together like your first dance or first kiss. Take music wherever you go with rechargeable wireless Bluetooth speakers. With their wireless connectivity, use them with your Bluetooth-enabled mobile devices, like smartphones, tablets, MP3 players, and laptop computers. Reinterpret picnics, dinners under the stars, and nights out on the beach with the right musical accompaniment. Set the right mood with the right music.

Bluetooth Headphones

For Valentine’s Day, make a playlist for him but make sure to have a set of wireless Bluetooth-enabled headphones. With Bluetooth headphones, he can access the playlist on-the-go, whether he’s at work, at the gym, or just putting around the home. With Bluetooth headphones, he can immerse himself more in music rather than in cords.

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Planning & Ordering Tips:

• If you’re ordering your gift online, make sure to allow time for shipping. Take advantage of express shipping, if it’s available. Other options may include pick-up boxes, and drop boxes.
• Before you surprise him with a weekend trip to take advantage of his new luggage, make sure to check how flexible his schedule is. He might have a different schedule than anticipated. Make sure to come prepared with a packed weekender/duffle bag with his necessities. Otherwise, it might be a good opportunity to take him shopping for a new suit!
• For products that come in a variety of colours or styles, make sure that you have the gift receipt handy in case another colour was desired.
• Always pack extra batteries. Depending on the rechargeable battery pack wattage, there might not be enough juice to last until the next chance to plug it into a power source.
• Do have fun! However, always make sure to have a contingency plan for gifts in case either of your schedules changes on the special day.

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