5 Ways to Look Younger

While healthy skin care habits are a must, here are five tricks you can try for a younger appearance right away.

Youthful color

Take some simple but sage advice: A little color goes a long way. A rosy pop of L’Oreal Paris Visible Lift Color Lift Blush on the cheeks radiates youth, and applying lip color, like L’Oreal Paris Colour Riche Extraordinaire Lipcolour, instantly brightens your whole face. Even an accessory such as a vivid, solid-colored pendant can completely liven up your look.

A winning smile

Your smile says a lot about you, and it’s one of the first things people notice. The good news is, just wearing a happy expression makes you look younger. To enhance that effect, a tooth-whitening pen can help brighten your pearly whites, and boost your confidence, on the spot.

Uplifting eyes

When it comes to looking younger, the eyes have it. Fill in your brows, curl your lashes and use eyeliner on just your top lash line to achieve a younger, fresher appearance. And to help instantly reduce lines and other signs of aging around the eyes, apply a smoothing treatment with light-diffusing pigments like L'Oreal Paris Revitalift Miracle Blur Eye Treatment.

Beauty break time

How you feel inside has a way of showing on the outside. So when you’re frantic, hurried and stressed, it shows. Give yourself a few minutes to enjoy a nap, go for a walk, meditate or just stretch. Anything that takes away your stress can help you look and feel your best.

Soft, smooth waves

When going for a youthful look, don’t forget your trademark tresses. Adding body to your hair helps all of you appear more lively. To style, prep with L’Oreal Paris Advanced Hairstyle Boost It High Life Creation Spray. Then use a rounded-edge styling iron, grip your hair at cheekbone level and loosely curl your locks forward to frame your face.
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