A Rustic Valentine’s Craft

Looking for a love-ly craft for Valentine’s Day? Learn how to make this rustic Valentine’s craft in a few easy steps.

A Rustic Valentine’s Craft

If you’re a fan of DIY shabby chic decor, this one’s for you. With a piece of wood, a few nails, and some colourful wool, you can make a sweet Valentine’s decoration with a touch of country flair. 


A piece of wood (clean and dry, about 1 ½ to 2 inches thick)
Piece of paper
A pencil
A hammer
Coloured yarn


Step 1
Fold a piece of paper in half, then place it on top of the piece of wood.
Step 2
Draw half a heart along the folded side of the paper, just big enough so the heart will fit in the middle of the wood, then cut along the pencil line and unfold.
Step 3
Place the heart in the middle of the wood, and hammer a nail into the top and bottom of the heart.
Step 4
Hammer nails about a ½ inch apart around the piece of paper. Once you have nailed around the heart, remove the piece of paper.
Step 5
Start with one colour of yarn, and tie one end to the top of a nail (its okay if there’s a bit sticking out). Pull the yarn tight and wrap it around the top of another nail on the other side of the heart. Repeat with this colour until you’re happy with the coverage, then tie the end around the top of a nail.
Repeat step 5 with as many colours as you like, then snip off any extra lengths of yarn.
Tip: For a personal touch, have each member of your family use a different colour of yarn.

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