Adult Trike Buying Guide

An adult trike offers more stability and storage than a bicycle, and still provides plenty of fun and exercise when tooling around town. This adult trike buying guide outlines your options.

Adult Trikes 101

Trike-riding is more than just a fun way to get around; it can give you a healthy, low-impact cardio workout too. Many models come with good-sized cargo baskets, so you can also put your trike to good practical use by carrying groceries, running errands or simply lugging things from place to place. There are various types of trikes available, including upright trikes, recumbent trikes and tandem trikes, each with their own unique benefits. A universal advantage with all trikes is their three-wheeled design, which makes them much more stable than a bicycle. With a bit of research, you'll find the trike with the right design and features to meet your needs.

Types of Adult Trikes


Adult Trikes

Upright Trikes
An upright, or traditional, trike is a great choice for leisurely rides around the neighbourhood. It’s fun, it’s a form of exercise, and it’s a quick way to run errands. The basic upright-trike design easily holds a rear cargo basket, and many models are sold with baskets included. Your gear options single- or three-speed models. The latter are a little more expensive but shifting into low makes for easier hill climbing. Your legs and arms are both put to work when you ride an upright tricycle, so it's an effective way to get an upper and lower body workout.
Recumbent Trikes
Recumbent trikes are built low to the ground with elongated frames. To ride one, you sit in a reclined position with your legs stretched out in front of you to work the pedals. This posture lends itself to a good workout for your hamstrings and core muscles. The recumbent trike is also easier on your back than the upright variety, and its aerodynamic design makes it a smart choice for long rides.
Tandem Trikes
A tandem tricycle is an extra-fun version of a bicycle built for two. With a tandem trike, leisurely outings with a family member or friend are all the more special and memorable. Tandem trikes are available with the two seats placed front and back or side by side. And from a storage perspective, one tandem trike takes up a lot less space than two solo models. Maintenance costs will also drop by caring for one vs. two units.
Folding Trikes
If you have limited space or want to take your tricycle with you when you travel, choose a folding trike. This style of trike is made to fold up for easy storage in small spaces. Folding trikes are also designed to be lightweight, so you can fold them up and carry them with you when you arrive at your destination.
Electric Trikes
It’s not lazy, it’s smart. On long rides or steep inclines you may want a power boost, or at least a break from pedalling. An electric trike is a hybrid design that has both pedals and an electric motor. When the mood or occasion strikes, simply activate the electric motor and let the trike do the work.

Adult Trike Buying Tips:

• Determine your needs and capabilities to help narrow your options
• If your goal is to get exercise and burn calories, a manual-pedal model is best
• If you'll be using your trike for transportation, an electric trike may be a good option
• If you have mobility issues, limit your choices to upright tricycles; recumbent trikes are more difficult to balance

Adult Trike Features

Stability +

Tricycles are extremely stable due to their three-wheel design and wide wheel base in the rear. So you if avoid tricks and stunts there’s really no reason you should ever tip over. And when you dismount from your trike, there's no need to hold it up or use a kickstand. Upright trikes tend to be more stable than recumbent trikes.

Comfort +

If you feel comfortable riding you'll tend to work out longer and burn more calories. Recumbent trikes, in particular, offer a more relaxed, stress-free ride, almost like you're sitting in a comfy chair. The magic is in the reclining posture and wide seat, which provides back support and distributes your weight across a large area.

Uphill handling +

During uphill climbs, tricycles have a big advantage over two-wheeled bikes: they don't fall over. The challenge with a two-wheeled bike is the rider must maintain forward momentum to keep the bike upright.

Cargo +

With its wide rear-wheel base, the trike design allows for easy cargo transport. Many upright trikes come outfitted with rear cargo baskets and can handle a decent-sized load. You can’t carry a kitchen sink, but a medium-shop at the market is quite feasible. Though some recumbent trikes have rear cargo carriers, this feature is not as common in the recumbent bike design.

Handling +

Trikes have relatively long frames that can make them a bit tricky to handle through turns, but with a bit of practice you should have it mastered in no time. And if speed’s your thing, consider a recumbent model: they actually handle better when going faster.

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Adult Trike Maintenance Tips:

• Dirt and sand can cause excess wear on the trike’s moving parts
• Spray your chain and gears with a solvent and scrub with an old toothbrush to remove dirt and debris
• Clean your tires using soft scrub brush
• Check your tires for wear and pressure before riding
• Bent and broken spokes should be repaired or replaced before causing permanent damage to the wheel

Adult Trike Safety

For your safety, always wear a helmet. Make sure you can be seen by car drivers and pedestrians. Reflectors, lights, a horn and brightly-coloured clothing will help others notice you on the road. Because recumbent trikes sit lower to the ground than other cycles, recumbent trike riders must take extra care to be seen by car drivers and pedestrians. Secure all items in your cargo basket to prevent them from tumbling out or getting caught in the spokes.
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