Appliances for Healthier Living

Begin your health journey with the help of these small appliances to help ensure that you are properly fueled, energized, and motivated until you reach your goal.

Healthy Living Appliances 101

Being at your best is important. The guide will help bring out the best in you to help achieve your fitness and health goals. Along with a healthier and more balanced diet, a more active lifestyle can complement your new commitment to your well-being. You’ve taken the first steps. Take the reins – you’re in charge! 

Types of Small Appliances



Start your day with the most important meal – breakfast! Blenders come in handy in these situations. Make a breakfast smoothie with your favourite fruits, yogourt (Greek or low fat), and grains, like bran or chia seeds to fuel your day. There are two kinds of blender: the stand blender and the hand blender. Stand blenders have a large pitcher and sit on your countertop. This type is versatile; you can use it for smoothies as well as for omelettes, soups, and more. They’re great for bigger batches of food. Hand blenders serve the same purpose, but are better for smaller portions. You can add your ingredients to a cup, then mix directly in the cup with a hand blender. With a bit of creativity, your blender can help you make meals from morning until night.


What’s the difference between a juicer and a blender?  Well, blenders purée fruits and vegetables whole, so you consume everything — juice, skin, and all. A juicer extracts the juice from fruits and veggies to make a delicious mix of juices with minimal pulp or fibre, as you want. The best part about juicing is that you can experiment with a combination of different sweet and tart fruits and vegetables for different flavours and different nutritional cocktails.

Rice Cooker

The name might fool you, but the versatility of rice cookers is underrated. Apart from cooking rice (white, brown, black, and others), rice cookers are great for preparing and cooking various grains that you might have in your pantry. Instead of cooking your hot cereal on stovetop, prepare it in a rice cooker for perfectly cooked oatmeal or cream of wheat. For an alternative to rice, protein-rich quinoa is easily cooked in a rice cooker without having to worry about the perfect level of heat. Cuckoo for couscous? Use your rice cooker for your next couscous dish. Most rice cookers are non-stick so you can save time from scraping the bottom of the pot and enjoy the nutritious meal that you just prepared for yourself, family, and friends.


It’s all in the preparation — seasoned steamed vegetables and fish are delicious and healthy alternatives to the fried and saucy take-out meals that you depend on when time is short. By cooking with steam, vegetables and fish can be cooked in a higher temperature without the extra fat and salt that other processes might require. Use different herbs and spices to flavour your favourite vegetables even before they’re steamed. Explore the different local seasonal vegetables from your local grocers for the best flavours on your plate straight from the land. Without using fats, steamed vegetables and fish are cooked in their own juices for natural deliciousness.

‘Healthier’ Fryer

The new generation of deep fryers require a lot less fat to cook your favourites like fries and chicken wings. Cooking with as little as two tablespoons of oil, these machines minimize your intake of fats that might take away from the hard work you’ve been putting in on the treadmill. The fries that go with everything now carry a lot less heft than they used to. Make chicken wings that don’t have as much guilt per gram. Enjoy fried foods again without feeling defeated!

Toaster Oven

You can help reduce your intake of fat by using a toaster oven to reheat leftovers. Apart from the lower fat consumption, toaster ovens are practical and can use less electricity than conventional ovens. You can also cook alternatives to fried dishes by lightly brushing your favourite meat or vegetables with cooking oils, like olive or sunflower, before baking them in a toaster oven. The same goes for slightly breaded food – with the right tools and recipes, you can satisfy that craving for deep-fried goodies without taking a dive in the deep end!

Slow Cooker

Slow cooking has become a great go-to for busy people who appreciate a healthy yet delicious home-cooked meal. With slow cookers, all you need to do is add all of the ingredients into the pot and let it cook for a few hours. Some people start the process before they head to bed. In the morning, they have freshly made lunch that they’ve made without breaking a sweat! Cooking at lower temperatures means flavour is not lost — the fresh ingredients that you are using are left to cook in their juices along with other herbs, spices, and special ingredients that your family might keep as secrets. Stews, roasts, and vegetable medleys are great starter dishes for the slow-cooking beginner.

Small Appliances for Healthy Living Tips:

• Before you start on any special diets, consult with your doctor or nutritionist.
• When operating appliances, make sure to not leave them alone.
• Blenders and juicers have blades. Make sure all guards are functional and safety precautions are made when operating.
• Do not let children operate any small appliance without adult supervision.
• When buying groceries, check the expiration dates on the packages or ask your local grocer to ensure the best quality possible
• Some appliances can get very hot, so make sure to wear oven mitts or other protective equipment when handling them.

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