Baby Names

Choosing a baby name is part of the fun and excitement of welcoming your child to the world. This article on baby names offers tips and insights to help your decision-making process.

Choosing a Baby Name

Choosing a name for your baby can be a lot of fun. Your baby’s name is going to be with him or her throughout their life, so consider its impact when your child reaches school age, and what nicknames other kids might make of it. Nicknames, good or bad, can sometimes extend even into the working world. Your baby will be unique no matter what name you choose, but if you do decide on an unusual name or create an alternative spelling of a name, psychologists recommend that you don’t make it so quirky that others can’t pronounce or spell it. 

Significance of Baby Names

You can choose a name that will inspire your child to excel in life, or to reflect you or your partner’s personalities. Traditional family names can also be a wonderful legacy to give your child. Some baby names are considered classic names because they’ve stood the test of time; names such as Anna, Elizabeth, Mary, John, David and Robert are good examples. Trendy names are popular choices, but your child may encounter a lot of namesakes upon reaching school. If you’re environmentally-conscious you might consider names from nature such as Autumn, Meadow or Clay. Names of public figures you admire can also be used, such as world leaders, activists, athletes and movie actors.  

Meaning of Baby Names

You can discover the meaning behind the name you choose for baby by using a book of baby names or exploring some parenting sites online. For example: looking at some of the most popular names, Imogen means innocent and blameless, while Amelia means defender. Asher is a biblical name meaning happiness. Owen is derived from the Celtic language meaning young warrior, and Quinn means wise. Many parents choose a name for its meaning as a way to inspire certain qualities in their child.

Baby Names for Boys

Search through baby name books and online baby lists for inspiration; these provide the current top names, most unusual names etc. and are updated every year. The most popular boy names so far this year are a mix of classic names and less traditional names. These include Asher, Finn, Declan, Atticus, James, Oliver, Henry, Emmett, Owen, Django, Jude, Milo, Jasper, Ezra and Flynn. 

Baby Names for Girls

The most popular choices for baby girls this year are names that are romantic and individualistic. These include Charlotte, Harper, Eleanor, Amelia, Evelyn, Violet, Penelope, Cora, Seraphina, Maeve, Olivia and Ava. Unisex names (those that can be used for either gender) are also becoming more popular, particularly for girls. Some parents feel that names like Rowan, Quinn, Kai, Sawyer or Avery put their girl on a more level playing field in life, with more opportunity for success. 

Unique Baby Names

Selecting a unique name for your baby will set your child apart. Baby name books and online resources are handy here as well. Some will list names according to origin so you can focus your search on biblical names or names from different countries and regions of the world. You can also find online baby name generators. Type in the baby’s surname, gender and number of middle names (if any) and it automatically create a first name suggestion. 
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