Bathroom Aids Buying Guide

Bathrooms can be a danger zone for those with physical challenges. This bathroom aids buying guide will help you choose the right bathroom safety equipment to minimize the risks.

Bathroom Aids 101

Independence in the bathroom is a source of anxiety and a daunting challenge for anyone who struggles with a lack of strength or stability. In particular, slick, slippery surfaces pose a safety risk to anyone who has been physically compromised. You can reduce the chances of an accident by installing bathroom aids that provide a firm grip, steady footing and ensure proper balance. Your options range from sturdy wall-mounted grab bars and rails to non-slip mats and raised toilet seats, and more. 

Types of Bathroom Aids


Raised Toilet Seats

Knee and back pain or lack of strength in the limbs can make the simple act of using the toilet painful and challenging. A raised toilet seat can help make it easier by elevating the seat surface from four to six inches. The moulded plastic unit mounts snugly over your existing toilet without tools and is easily removed when not in use or for cleaning. A comfortable, contoured surface, handle/armrests and padded sides are features to consider on more elaborate models. 

Commode Chairs

When mobility is extremely limited, a commode chair can answer the need for a substitute toilet that’s always within reach. Made of lightweight metal tubing and plastic, commode chairs can usually be assembled without tools and are adjustable for ideal height. Some models can be folded or disassembled so the separate parts can be used as a toilet safety frame and/or a raised toilet seat. Commode chairs have a plastic pot or receptacle that is easily removed for cleaning. 

Shower Chairs & Stools

You can improve bathroom safety for those with physical disabilities by installing a portable safety bench or shower chair in the tub or shower stall. Common features include adjustable height, handle grips, non-slip feet and rust-resistant metal/plastic construction. Your loved ones will appreciate the independence and privacy of bathing on their own with minimal risk of slipping or falling. They can bathe themselves in a balanced, seated position and use the device for support to safely exit the tub.

Grab Bars & Safety Rails

Properly installed grab bars and safety rails provide strong, stable support adjacent to the toilet and both in and beside the bathtub or shower stall. They are essential in homes occupied by anyone lacking in strength, balance or mobility. Professional installation may be required to anchor the chrome bars securely in the wall at the correct locations and proper angle. Safety bars and rails should be mounted either vertically or horizontally — never diagonally — so they can be firmly grasped from any position.

Slip-Resistant Bath Mats

Excessive moisture and soapy residue are common causes of slips and falls in the bathroom. You can minimize the risk of falls by keeping your bathroom clean and dry and covering the tub and floor with non-slip mats and adhesives. Suction-mount rubber mats are ideal for inside the tub or shower. Non-slip vinyl or rubber decals are another option. Small area rugs near the toilet and sink should have non-slip backing or be placed on top of gripper mats so they don’t buckle or slide.

Bathroom Accessories

Unique individual needs often call for special gadgets to improve bathroom safety. Toilet safety rails can help someone balance and assist them in standing without requiring the use of a raised toilet. A hand-held shower nozzle and hose enables you to bathe more thoroughly in a seated position. Consider a sliding tub transfer bench to make it safer to enter and exit the tub while seated. A safety footstool with non-slip feet is helpful for clearing the side of the bathtub for those with restricted leg movement. If you need temporary assistance to enter or exit the bath, consider suction-mount handles and grips rather than permanent grab bars. Many bathroom aids work best in combination. During installation, be sure to take into account the specific needs, weight and strength of the user.

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Bathroom Safety Tips:

• Ensure adequate lighting including a night light
• Make sure rugs have non-slip under-pads or grippers to prevent sliding
• Wall-mount grab bars should be installed vertically or horizontally, not diagonally
• Keep the floor, tub and counter surfaces dry and uncluttered
• Consider a walk-in tub or shower for family members lacking strength or mobility
• A tub or shower chair is safer for bathing and provides grip and support
• Avoid storing scales, wastebaskets and storage units in high-traffic areas
• Lower the temperature on your water heater to avoid scalding
• Make sure doors can’t lock accidentally
• Store medicine and cleaning solutions safely and out of sight
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