Bathroom Basics Guide

The bathroom is where you begin your day and often unwind at night. From busy mornings to blissful bathtimes, this bathroom basics guide lists the items you need to make it complete.

Bathroom Basics 101

The bathroom is a frequent destination during the course of your busy day. It’s where you prepare to meet the day and clean up after work or other activities. It’s also usually the final stop before bed after a warm soak in the tub. Whatever its size or whoever uses it, you’ll need to equip your bathroom with certain essentials. Each piece, from the shower caddy to the fully-equipped vanity, helps to make your bathroom both elegant and efficient. 

Bathroom Design


Bath Rugs & Mats

Mats and rugs insulate your feet from the cold bathroom floor and provide a non-slip surface when you come out of the tub or shower. Bath rugs come in many shapes and sizes to suit your bathroom decor, from contour mats that fit snugly around the toilet to rubber-backed mats for secure footing in slippery areas. Whatever you choose, look for pieces that match your bathroom colour scheme and won’t interfere with the door opening.

Shower Curtain Hooks

Shower curtain hooks are the cufflinks of your bathroom; simple accent pieces that add a decorative flourish while keeping things in place. They range from simple plastic to ornamental metal. They should glide easily on the curtain rod, but be strong enough to hold up the shower curtain. Look for hooks after you’ve settled on a shower curtain so they complement each other, and make sure you buy the right number of hooks to match the curtain holes.

Shower Curtain Rods

The first step to buying a shower curtain rod that’s practical and beautiful is looking at the space available. Curved rods give you a bit more room to move around in smaller tubs while the rod’s finish can complement surrounding fixtures. But the most important consideration is your type of wall. If your shower is lined with tile, look for an adjustable tension rod to avoid drilling into the ceramic. Otherwise, consider a traditional bracket mounting system for added strength.

Shower Curtains

A trendy shower curtain can be the focal point of your bathroom, tying the decor together with a single strong pattern or colour. Shower curtains come in many different materials, with or without a liner. Fabric shower curtains need a liner since they aren’t waterproof, but a liner can also soften your bathroom’s overall feel. Plastic or vinyl curtains can be found in all kinds of fun patterns and are generally inexpensive. No matter what you choose, make sure the material is strong enough to withstand daily use.

Storage and Organization

Your bathroom is filled with everything from beauty products to towels, so you need some handy storage solutions that take advantage of your bathroom’s layout and features. A well-placed shower caddy is a must for keeping soaps and shampoos within arm’s reach, while a towel ring or rack should be right outside the shower for when you’re finished. You may also need some extra shelves, cabinets, or racks to hold cleaning products, makeup, and more.


Towels are both a practical necessity and important design element, usually bought to match your bathroom colour scheme. Everyone loves to wrap up in a thick, comfy towel after bathing. Most towels are made of cotton and rated by fabric weight. Thinner, lightweight towels are more affordable and best for tossing into gym bags. The fluffiest and most absorbent towels for home use are made of combed cotton and boast a high fabric weight. These tend to be more expensive, but can last a long time with careful laundering.


The vanity is one of the most important pieces in your bathroom, combining storage, style, and efficiency as a place to prepare for the day or evening ahead. Choose your vanity first by size and then by style so it’s appropriate for the space. Smaller bathrooms may call for a trim pedestal vanity with extra bathroom cabinets nearby so you can keep accessories at hand. Larger vanities are eye catching and practical, with one sink or two, plenty of cabinet space and a design that can ground your entire bathroom decor.

Bathroom Equipment


Toilets & Seats

Chances are you don’t spend much time thinking about toilets, but the right choice can save you money and offer more than one function. Water-saving features are now common, which means a high-efficiency toilet can reduce your water bill with each flush. And extra attachments like a bidet can offer you a cleansing spray that’s different from dry toilet paper. Recent innovations in toilets include heated, contoured and padded seats. There are also seats that glow in the dark (great for the kids) and others that close automatically.

Bath Scales

Whether you're checking your progress with a new fitness regime or the weight of your luggage before heading to the airport, every bathroom needs a scale. If you’re only occasionally curious about weight, then go with a simple and affordable mechanical scale. They’re quite basic but never require batteries. For more detailed information, electronic scales can read your body fat percentage and body mass index. Some include connectivity features to send this information to other electronic devices for easy reference.

Tub & Shower Accessories

Whether you want to unwind with a relaxing bath or make sure everyone is safe in the shower, tub and shower accessories are a must-have in any bathroom. If you love long baths, consider a special bath pillow for extra comfort. If the bathroom is frequently used by guests, then a shower squeegee can prevent streaks and mineral buildup on your shower. And if safety is a concern, look for adhesive strips or suction cup mats that provide stable footing.

Shower Heads & Hand Showers

The right choice of fixed or hand-held shower head can save you money while giving you a satisfying shower with the perfect amount of water pressure. If you have a busy bathroom, look for a detachable shower head, often called a hand shower, with multiple settings so everyone can have the spray pattern they prefer. If it’s just you, a simple shower head with a couple of basic settings will be an adequate and affordable option.

Sink Faucets

Sink faucets complement bathroom sinks in decor and function, adding some style while providing water for washing or shaving. When considering faucets, choose either a single lever or dual lever design and make sure your sink matches the faucet’s mounts. From there, you can choose from any number of finishes to accentuate your bathroom’s style, from the modern and clean finish of chrome to the rustic look of brass or bronze. For an especially bold decor choice, look for wall-mounted faucets that are entirely separate from your sink.

Bathroom Design Tips:

• A corner sink can save space in a smaller bathroom where a pedestal type is too big
• A glass panel or shower curtain can take up less space than a shower door
• Put a towel bar on the door to save precious wall space
• Space permitting, consider a free-standing clawfoot or pedestal bathtub as a bold decor statement
• Incorporate adequate lighting for shaving and applying makeup
• In-floor (radiant) heating is a luxurious addition to a main or en suite bathroom
• Soften the look of hard bathroom surfaces with comfy accessories and window dressings

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Bathroom Safety Tips:

• Bathroom mats should have slip-resistant under-pads
• Mop pooled water to avoid slips and prevent mildew
• Install a nightlight to help you see in the dark
• A hand-held shower head lets you directly spray without excess body movement
• Install non-slip adhesive strips or a suctioned bath mat on the tub floor
• Place grab bars or safety rails near your tub for safer entry and exit
• If your toilet seat is too low, consider a raised toilet seat
• Store medicine and cleaning solutions out of reach of children
• Use plastic cups and storage containers instead of glass
• Older bathrooms should be updated with a GFCI (ground-fault circuit interrupter) outlet to prevent shocks
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