Beauty Tools Buying Guide

Creating a great look requires more than just a deft touch: you need the proper equipment too. This beauty tools buying guide outlines the essentials and provides tips on how to use them.

Beauty Tools 101

There's no single way to correctly apply the foundations, blushes and eyeliners you love. It really comes down to what works best for you. Regardless of method, the right makeup tools will save you time and allow you to apply your beauty products with precision and confidence. A well-equipped vanity starts with a full range of makeup brushes, including a powder brush, stippling brush and eyeliner brush. You also need a brow comb and tweezers for plucking hairs, and a selection of files to shape and trim your nails. With the proper tools and a bit of practice, you'll soon take your makeup application to a whole new level.

Types of Beauty Tools


Makeup Brushes

A powder makeup brush might be the most important brush in your makeup kit. It's used to apply powder, foundation and blush for a uniform tone and younger looking complexion. For liquid or cream foundations, concealers and blushes, you'll need a stippling makeup brush. Blend brushes are specially designed for creating perfect shading. You can also get makeup brushes specially made for particular product types. Examples include foundation brushes, blush brushes, concealer brushes, eyebrow brushes and lip brushes.

Eyelash Curler

An easy way to make your eyes pop is to curl your eyelashes. There are three main types of eyelash curlers: traditional clamp curlers, heated curlers and sensitive eye curlers. The traditional curler is the most affordable option. Make sure to use this curler before applying your mascara to prevent eyelash breakage. A heated curler, on the other hand, should be used after you've applied your mascara, as it works with the mascara to curl your eyelashes. Heated curlers are more expensive than the traditional curlers, but they provide a nicer, unified curl. Curlers for sensitive eyes work just like traditional curlers, only they're made of plastic rather than metal.

Eyeliner Brush

Eyeliner can change your appearance subtly or dramatically, depending on how you draw your lines. But getting the lines just right is challenging, so you want to use the best brush for the job. For example, to draw fine, classic lines, consider going with a traditional slim eyeliner brush. For exotic winged edges, which require thicker lines, try a domed shaped semi-flat brush. If your goal is sultry, mysterious cat eyes, a flat angled tip brush is best for drawing precisely curved lines. Whatever your creative vision, there’s a brush out there to help you achieve it.

Brow Comb

An alternative to plucking brows is to groom them with the help of a brow comb and brow brush. You can buy brow combs and brushes on their own, but they typically come as attached, two-sided comb-brush combo. The brush is best suited to taming and neatening your brows, while the comb aids in the cleaning and shaping.


Your eyebrows set the frame for your entire face, so it’s important to have the right tweezers to shape them and pluck away unwanted or unruly hairs. Slant tip tweezers are designed for both shaping brows and eliminating individual hairs. Finely pointed tweezers are well suited for removing fine hairs around the brow. Round tip tweezers are useful for plucking coarse hairs and also provide a safety advantage.

Nail File

You want your nails to look their best, and that means stocking your vanity with one or more nail files for regular shaping, smoothing and shortening. There a several different types of nail files, each with different nail grooming applications. Metal nail files are durable and work well on thicker nails, but can cause nail edges to chip and splinter. Glass files are great for smoothing the edges of delicate nails. Ceramic files are typically dual purpose, with one side for filing and the other for smoothing. You can also use emery boards, which typically consist of a cardboard base covered in finely ground corundum. Emery boards suit both natural and artificial nails. They're affordable but not durable.

Makeup Sponge

Makeup sponges are designed for applying and blending liquid foundations, concealers and blushes under the eyes and along the jaw line. You should dampen the sponge first, then dip it into your liquid makeup product and apply. You can also use a dry sponge to apply powder makeup. Sponges should be cleaned once a week with a soft cleanser such as baby shampoo. 

Cotton Swabs

No beauty kit is complete without an ample store of cotton swabs. They come in handy for a variety of specialized tasks, including removing eye makeup, blending eyeshadow and dabbing on concealer. Swabs are also useful as a petroleum jelly applicator for controlling untamed eyebrows. You can even use cotton swabs to apply fake lashes and extra coats of mascara.

Makeup Brush Cleaning Tips:

  • Wash brushes in warm water with the tips facing down, so water doesn’t enter the handle
  • Clean brushes with a mild soap
  • Dry brushes with a paper towel or cloth and straighten the bristles
  • Apply a small amount of olive oil to the bristles to condition them and keep them looking pristine

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Makeup Application Tips:

  • For lighter coverage and a sheer finish, rub moisturizer on your hands before you blend
  • Use an extra layer of concealer to hide persistent marks or blemishes
  • Try a cream blush on cheekbones for an inner glow effect
  • For oily eyelids, use a primer first to help your shadow last longer
  • Dab your lips with ice before applying gloss to help make the colour last longer
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