Buffet and Hutch Buying Guide

There’s a two-part solution when your kitchen storage is maxed out. This buffet and hutch buying guide explains how these pieces work separately or as one to solve your space crunch.

Buffets and Hutches 101

You’ll appreciate the convenience of having your fine tableware and cutlery close at hand when the entire family drops in for a holiday feast. Buffets and hutches have served this purpose for generations. With their combination of drawers, open shelves and closed shelves, they're ideal for storing and showcasing the dishware and serving platters you use for special occasions. Buffets also provide extra counter space for buffet-style dining or food overflow from a crowded dining table. There are plenty of buffet and hutch styles to choose from, and a wide range of sizes suitable for all kitchens and dining rooms.

Types of Buffets and Hutches


Kitchen Buffet

A buffet table, also known as a sideboard or server, provides added storage space for your dinnerware, glassware, cutlery and serving platters. It’s can also be an extension of your countertop during mealtime. When your dinner table becomes crowded, simply shift some of the food and beverage containers to the kitchen buffet table. A buffet is usually placed against a wall at least three feet from the closest chair. If you have a small kitchen, consider a wall-mounted kitchen buffet to save floor space.

Kitchen Hutch

If your buffet table doesn't supply you with enough extra kitchen storage, consider adding a hutch on top. When paired, a buffet table and hutch comprise a single vertical furniture unit. Hutches typically have either closed or open shelving, or a combination of both. They're well suited to lighter kitchen items such as glasses, tea and coffee cups and dessert plates. A hutch with glass doors can showcase your favourite decorative tableware, china or crystal in a frame-like display. A wall-mounted hutch frees up counter space on your buffet so that it can hold more food and serving ware.

Buffet with a Hutch

The buffet with a hutch is a combination buffet table and hutch sold as one unit. The two components may be constructed as a single piece of furniture or as two separate units that require fastening. A typical buffet with hutch features a countertop, a lower storage section with drawers and closed shelves, and an upper storage section with open shelves or closed shelves with glass doors. Some models incorporate a wine rack and special mounts to hang stemmed glassware.

Corner Hutch

A corner hutch is a great solution if your options are limited by other furniture or a tight floor plan. You can tuck it away in the farthest corner of the room for additional storage and counter space. Because it's located in a corner, your corner hutch has the potential to command attention and serve as an accent piece. So choose the style and colour wisely. Corner hutches usually consist of a buffet table base with shelving on top. When enclosed with glass doors, the top half makes an attractive curio cabinet.

Buffet and Hutch Buying Tips:

• Consider a taller, narrower buffet if your floor space is limited
• Select a buffet and hutch in a style that complements your other kitchen furniture
• A buffet with solid doors can double as living room furniture or a home office credenza
• Check for adjustable shelves that allow storage of taller items
• A lighted hutch adds drama and highlights artwork or keepsake items
• If counter space is a priority, select a buffet and hutch with an open countertop
• Choose a model with drawers for storing flatware, candles and linens

Buffet and Hutch Features

Design +

Buffets and hutches are available in almost every imaginable style, including traditional, modern and transitional. For a farmhouse-style kitchen, consider solid wood construction with exposed grain, decorative moulding and turned feet. A streamlined design with clean lines and a glossy finish would fit well in a contemporary setting. A buffet and hutch that blends classic architectural elements with designer-inspired profiles, materials and finishes is a good option for a transitional-themed kitchen. When shopping, the best way to coordinate all of the pieces is to purchase a matching dining set that includes table, chairs and buffet hutch.

Construction +

Buffets and hutches constructed from solid hardwoods like maple, cherry and oak are typically more durable and last longer. Your heavy plates and dishes will be stored on the shelves, so make sure they're made of sturdy materials that will support your collection. If affordability is a priority, consider models with components such as doors made from particle board or composites. Hutches with glass sides enable you to see the contents at a glance, but solid sides offer more protection if items inside accidentally tip over.

Details +

On top of the basics (a countertop and storage), many buffet-and-hutch combos come with a range of extras. Padded drawers with dividers help protect and organize your knives, forks and spoons. Wine rack compartments showcase your favourite wine bottles, and stemware racks keep your wine and spirit glasses safe and sound. Hutch doors can be enhanced with bevelled glass, while buffets can have shutter-style or raised panel doors. Depending on the style and quality of the buffet or hutch, the hardware fittings could be wood, metal, ceramic or plastic.

Lights +

If you intend to showcase keepsakes, art objects or other distinctive items behind the glass doors of your hutch, consider choosing a model that’s pre-wired with lighting. When the main overhead lights in your room are dimmed or turned off, hutch lighting can also help to create a romantic atmosphere and enhance the mood of intimate dining. Make sure there's an electrical outlet close to the location you've chosen for your wired hutch. Typically, a switch inside the hutch controls the lights.

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Buffet and Hutch Maintenance Tips:

• Always follow the manufacturer’s directions for care and maintenance
• Establish a cleaning routine for glass hutch doors and chrome trim
• Polish wood surfaces with a recommended cleaning product or damp, lint-free cloth
• Monitor the humidity in your home year-round to protect wooden furniture from warping or drying out
• Avoid overloading drawers with heavy flatware and use dividers for better weight distribution
• Protect your buffet and hutch from swinging doors by locating them away from doorways or using door stops
• Protect buffet countertops with trivets, fabric runners or padded placemats
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