Buying a Baby Stroller

This baby stroller buying guide will help you make the right choice for your budget and your baby.

Strollers 101: How to buy a baby stroller

When buying a baby stroller, safety should always be the number one priority. The main thing to keep in mind is that stroller safety starts with choosing the most suitable stroller for your baby. Also, no matter what model you decide on, be sure to inspect the buckles to ensure latching and unlatching is easy for you — but impossible for baby. For better stability, select a stroller with a wide wheelbase and the storage basket located low on the frame. And make sure the handle height is right for you. Taller parents should look for strollers with adjustable handle heights.

Types of Strollers


Umbrella Strollers

Ideal for moms on the go, the umbrella stroller is a great second stroller for quick outings or to take on a vacation. Generally, they fold up compactly for easy storage just about anywhere. Toss it in the trunk for a day at the beach or check it at the gate when boarding a plane. Before buying, you need to know that umbrella strollers are not intended for newborns. Most do not recline sufficiently and lack proper head support.

Lightweight Strollers

For parents on a budget, this new generation of stroller retains the compactness and ease-of-use of umbrella strollers, while also offering many luxury features associated with larger strollers. Though weighing in at less than 20 lbs., they often come with extra padding, storage baskets and sun shades. These models are easily stored in the trunk, yet are fully up to the challenge of a day at the zoo or a long stroll on the beach.

Standard Strollers

The standard stroller is the rugged, dependable option for sensible moms with busy lifestyles. Generally, the wheels are larger, the frames are sturdier and some models even have suspension systems. There's also roomier seating and more storage space for supplies. Other extras include snack trays for baby, drink holders for parents and reversible handles to position baby towards you or away.

Jogging Strollers

Built with performance in mind, the three-wheeled jogging stroller is perfect for light strolls, but will also allow you to speed with ease across varied and uneven surfaces. Streamlined designs, lightweight aluminum frames and large rubber tires help deliver a smooth ride even as you stretch out to full running speed. Some models also feature hand brakes and a shock-absorbing suspension. Jogging strollers are not recommended for infants under six months old.

Double and Triple Strollers

If you have two or more stroller-age children, the convenient choice is a double or triple stroller. Double strollers come in either side-by-side or tandem designs (one seat behind the other). The side-by-side option is ideal for children of the same age as they will be able to see and engage with each other. In triple strollers, the third child is often seated in front or has a standing platform in the rear. 

Full-Sized Strollers

Roomy, sturdily built and well-equipped with mom-friendly options, the full-sized stroller might be the only stroller you'll ever need to buy. In general, full-sized strollers are designed to be used from birth until your child outgrows the stroller. Common accessories for baby include toy attachments, bottle holders, soft reclining seats and over-sized canopies. For moms, there are car-seat adaptors, large storage baskets and even iPod hookups with built-in speakers.

3-Wheel Strollers

If you're a sporty mom who likes to take the less-traveled route and explore interesting sights with baby, a 3-wheeled stroller could be just the thing for you. Lightweight but built to last, this all-terrain stroller typically features a wide range of extras including cup holders, covered storage and a front swivel wheel for enhanced steering. Plus, the large rubber tires will help smooth the ride over the most rugged off-road surfaces.

Travel Systems

Whether you're going on a quick trip or an all-day adventure, a travel system provides the ultimate in convenience. It combines a stroller, infant car seat, carrier and car seat base all in one set. This allows baby to be carried from stroller to vehicle all within the same carrier. Typically, travel system strollers are packed with extras for on-the-go moms. Look for large storage baskets, multiple cup holders and cushy, reclining seating. Most travel systems hold children up to about 40 lbs., though some can handle weights of up to 55 lbs. or more.

Safety Tips for Mom & Dad:

  • Always secure a child with the stroller seat belt
  • Never leave a child unattended in a stroller
  • Don't allow children to play with a stroller
  • Protect children from harm when folding and unfolding a stroller
  • Always use the wheel brakes when the stroller is stationary
  • Never overload the stroller 

Stroller Features

Safety Belts and Buckles +

The belt should provide a firm fit around the waist. The straps should secure your baby between the legs and connect to the waist belt to prevent baby from slipping out. Buckles should be easy for you to latch and unlatch but impossible for baby.

Wheelbase +

The wheelbase should be wide enough to prevent tipping.

Wheel Brakes +

The wheel brakes are an important safety feature. Apply them when the stroller is stationary to prevent it from accidentally rolling away.

Locking Mechanism +

The locking mechanism ensures the stroller does not collapse accidentally.

Storage Basket +

The storage basket can be used to hold supplies during excursions or items for purchase when shopping.

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Maintenance Tips for Mom & Dad

  • Check nuts and bolts on a regular basis to ensure they are tight
  • Replace missing or worn parts through the manufacturer
  • Clean the stroller fabric with warm water and a mild soap
  • Clean metal and plastic parts with an all-purpose spray cleaner and a clean cloth
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