Buying a Tablet

Read a book, watch a video, or connect with family and friends — anyway you use it, a tablet offer convenience and fun the whole family will love. This tablet buying guide outlines your options.

Tablets 101: How to buy the right tablet

Tablets are a convenient, portable, and useful tool for any family home. In addition to keeping you connected, entertained and organized, tablets offer a great way to watch movies and read books. A tablet can also function as a second monitor for your primary computer, or a TV in the car or plane for kids. You can even load your tablet up with photos and use it as a picture frame. Understanding how you want to use your tablet will help you to decide which one to purchase. 

Types of Tablets


Apple iOS Operating System

This operating system is easy to use and includes high security features. Apple's iTunes store offers access to over 800,000 applications, including great apps for work, travel, exercise, parenting and much more. Apple iOS allows offers features such as iMessage and FaceTime for texting and video chats. Their proprietary voice software called ‘Siri’ will even talk to you and assist in certain tasks. Apple's operating system does not support Adobe Flash and is available only with iPad tablets. 

Android Operating System

This operating system is highly interactive and customizable, with medium security features. The Google Store offers access to over 800,000 applications. Features such as Gchat let you message and video with family and friends. The Android operating system supports Adobe Flash and is available for a wide range of tablet devices. 

Blackberry Operating System

This operating system is smooth and responsive with high security features. Blackberry World offers access to 60,000 applications, and Blackberry messaging and video chat keep you connected. Blackberry's operating system supports Adobe Flash, but is available on the Blackberry Playbook only. 

Windows Operating System

This operating system is customizable and supports medium-to-high security features. The Windows Store offers access to just over 50,000 apps. The Windows operating system for tablets also supports messaging and video chat, as well as Adobe Flash. Windows is available on a wide range of tablet devices. 

Tablets fit your lifestyle



Work doesn’t always happen at the office. Tablets allow you to stay on top of your priorities no matter where you are — at the coffee shop, out with the kids, or taking care of business at home. Their lightweight design and compact size make tablets an ideal, on-the-go work companion. 


Tablets offer fun for the whole family: you can catapult birds, chop vegetables, shoot zombies, play chess or poker all from the same device. And if your lifestyle includes art and literature, you can also read a novel, flip through your favourite magazine, watch movies or listen to music.


With the portability and convenience of a tablet, staying connected with friends, family and colleagues has never been easier. Tablets let you surf, text, video chat, tweet, instant message and post online wherever and whenever you want. 


Great moments are meant to be shared. With a tablet you can shoot, edit, store and display all your favourite pictures and videos, then share them with family and friends in an instant.  

Tablet Buying Tips:

  • Choice in operating systems generally comes down to personal preference
  • Resolution tends to increase with screen size and makes for a larger tablet
  • Larger storage capacity is important for saving a lot of files, apps, photos and other media
  • A tablet with a longer battery life is beneficial for people who travel a lot or are always on the go
  • Smaller tablets are easier to carry and highly portable
  • Tablet storage can be increased through cloud solutions that allow access to files on the internet from any device and any place

Tablet Features

Applications +

One measure of your tablet’s versatility is by the number of applications. More applications mean more access to games, movies, banking, shopping and so forth.

Operating System +

Tablet operating systems are similar to computer operating systems in that they manage applications (calendars, maps, web browsers, etc.) and hardware (printers, speakers, etc.) on a tablet.

Microprocessor +

Just like a computer, a tablet has a microprocessor that reads and executes program instructions. Tablet microprocessors are smaller than those you'd find on a laptop or desktop, allowing the tablet to support a smaller, sleeker design.

Display Monitor +

Tablet touch screens vary in size, from the super-portable 7-inch screen to higher resolution 13 inch models. The two most common types of touch screens are resistive, which senses pressure and can be used with a finger or stylus, and capacitive which senses skin contact.

Resolution +

Resolution means the number of rows and columns of pixels. A larger resolution will produce a sharper image, which is great for viewing graphics, watching videos and playing games.

RAM (Random Access Memory) +

Random Access Memory is the memory available to run programs on your tablet, as opposed to the memory available to store photos, videos, applications and files. Larger RAM allows for better multitasking and the ability to run multiple apps or tasks at the same time.

Storage +

Storage refers to the internal memory where applications, files, and programs can be stored. Tablet storage options tend to run from 16GB to 64GB. Cloud solutions offer an additional way to increase the storage capacity.

Camera +

Tablets can come with a rear facing camera, a front facing camera, or both. The cameras of different tablet models come in different ranges of megapixels, which may affect the quality of photos.

USB Ports +

Tablets generally come with a USB charging port that allows the tablet battery to be recharged through a computer, laptop, or outlet.

Wi-Fi Enabled +

Tablets that offer Wi-Fi connectivity can be used anywhere in your home if you have a wireless router. Your workplace may also offer a Wi-Fi connection, and many of the coffee shops and restaurants in your neighbourhood. If most of your tablet time will be spent at these locations then a tablet with Wi-Fi may be all you need.

Cellular Enabled +

Tablets that offer cellular connectivity contain a SIM card similar to the one in a mobile phone. This allows you to connect online anywhere there is a cell phone signal, which is almost everywhere. If you’re always out-and-about then a cellular-enabled tablet may be the right choice for you. It does, however, require a data plan subscription to enable connectivity.

Adobe Flash +

Flash is a technology that is sometimes used to play videos, view websites or play games. Whether you need Flash depends on personal preference and your uses of the internet.

Battery +

Tablets are powered by rechargeable batteries. Battery life varies between different types of tablets, averaging anywhere from 8 to 10 hours.

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Tablet Maintenance Tips:

  • Avoid placing food or liquids near your tablet
  • Wipe the tablet display screen with a soft, clean cloth
  • Don’t leave your tablet in a vehicle as temperate changes can cause damage
  • Keep your tablet away from heat and humidity
  • Purchase a protective tablet case to help prevent scratches and breakage

Did you know?

Did you know?
Tablets aren’t just for kids. Tablet purchases increase according to age, with the 25-54 age demographic accounting for the majority of users.
Did you know?
You can give your tablet internet access by tethering your smart phone! Many new phones can be enabled to act as a local Wi-Fi hot spot.
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