Can Chicken Soup Really Help?

If you get a cold this winter, what’s your go-to remedy? As the Pharmacist at Walmart will tell you, there’s a wide range of products to help bring you relief. But what about good, old-fashioned chicken soup?

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Does chicken soup relieve cold symptoms?

There’s still no cure for the common cold. However, if you catch a cold this winter, there are many things you can do to feel more comfortable until your symptoms pass. The Pharmacist at Walmart can offer advice on a wide range of over-the-counter products.

But how many times has a family member or friend joked that you should try a bowl of chicken soup to help with your runny nose? We’ve all heard this advice, but is there anything to it, or is it just an old wives’ tale?

Turns out, there’s more to chicken soup than just great flavour.

The science of soup

When it comes to helping with cold symptoms, it’s well known that all soups help loosen congestion and prevent dehydration.
However, researchers have been looking more closely at chicken soup, and have discovered that it:
  • Temporarily increases the flow of mucus through the nose. This helps relieve congestion and reduce the amount of time a virus is in contact with the inside of the nose
  • Helps the body’s immune system to lower inflammation and make it easier to cough up the mucus on your throat
For more advice on chicken soup and over-the-counter remedies, speak to the Pharmacist at Walmart.

Cold remedies that don’t work

While there are many good cold remedies, there are some treatments that should not be used:

  • Antibiotics: Antibiotics work against bacteria, and so don’t do anything to combat the cold virus
  • Vitamin C: While this can help to prevent a cold, it doesn’t work on your cold symptoms once you already have them.
  • Some over-the-counter medications when given to young children: Always read the label as most cough and cold medicines are not used for children under 6 years of age
If you have any questions, speak to the Pharmacist at Walmart.

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The Pharmacist at Walmart is always available to talk to you about how to manage symptoms of a cold. Come on into the pharmacy and... Just ask!

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