Chaise Lounge Buying Guide

The seductive profile of a chaise lounge will beckon you for a midday nap while adding refinement to your living space. This chaise lounge buying guide will acquaint you with the choices.

Chaise Lounges 101

As practical as it is elegant, a chaise lounge can be both the most comfortable seat in your home and a strong style statement. With the wide array of covering materials, colours and prints to choose from, your options are virtually unlimited. This makes it easy to complement your existing decor and satisfy any budget. Whether it’s an overstuffed model for the rec room or an ultra-modern contemporary design for the living room, your chaise lounge is certain to bring sophistication to your surroundings and enhance your leisure time. 

Chaise Lounge Buying Tips:

  • If you sit more comfortably when your legs are raised, consider a contoured chaise lounge chair
  • A high-backed model provides more support for your head and neck
  • Choose resilient, stain-proof fabrics for chaise lounges that will receive heavy use
  • Choose weather-resistant, synthetic construction materials for outdoor use
  • Match the dimensions of the chaise lounge to its intended location

Chaise Lounge Features

Chaise Lounge Styles +

Chaise lounges feature either a couch style or lounge chair style. The flat, bench-like profile of a couch-style chaise lounge makes it a better choice for decorating a formal living room or placement in front of a window. Many traditional-style chaise lounge couches feature a flowing, sculpted design in which one end of the backrest is higher than the other. A chair-style chaise lounge resembles a reclining bed. It typically requires more floor space and is a great choice when you want to stretch out in front of the TV.

Chaise Lounge Contour +

An undulating curve along the length of the sitting surface is a defining feature of the chair-style chaise lounge. This ergonomic shape helps reduce pressure on your lower back, and also supports your legs while slightly elevating your knees. Contoured chaise lounges comfortably seat one person, but many are wide enough to allow you to cuddle with your infant or small child.

Size +

A couch-style chaise lounge occupies approximately the same footprint as a small couch. You can place it flush against a wall or use it as a divider to separate your living room and dining room areas if your home has an open floor plan. A chair-style chaise lounge resembles an open recliner and is about the same width. A double-width chaise lounge chair is a cozy nook for two. Some of these models feature a flat, rather than contoured, sitting surface, making them more suitable for stretching out and napping.

Frame +

Chaise lounge frames are typically constructed of wood or metal. Sturdy hardwood looks elegant and provides many years of worry-free enjoyment. Chaise lounges at the lower end of the price scale may require some assembly. Detachable wood legs should fasten, screw or bolt securely to the underside of the frame. All metal components and fixtures must be high quality to hold up over time and support your weight. Metal frames and components should be built of steel with welded joints. You might want to choose a chaise lounge chair equipped with casters on the legs so you can roll it easily when cleaning or rearranging.

Upholstery +

The choice of upholstery coverings includes genuine or faux leather, woven cotton fabric, plush velour and microfibre. You can find chaise lounges in countless colours and prints. Formal designs intended as focal points or accent pieces often have rolled armed rests, brass nail heads or polished wood trim. The best choice for a less formal chaise lounge in a family room is a low-maintenance, synthetic cover to withstand daily wear and spills. For heavy use, choose a chaise lounge that’s thickly padded with rounded edges so it retains its shape and good looks. A firmly padded seat with tufted buttons is a hallmark of traditionally styled chaise lounges.

Outdoor +

A chaise lounge is a classic choice for outdoor relaxation, but be sure you choose a model that will stand up to your particular climate and the amount of exposure it will receive. For patio or poolside use, select a weather-resistant chaise lounge with a synthetic, aluminum or wicker frame. Detachable cushions covered in a durable material such as nylon, woven poly, canvas or denim are also recommended. Outdoor chaise lounges often feature two or four wheels so that you can easily move them around. Many also fold up for convenient storage. Your outdoor chaise lounge will last longer if you protect it with a waterproof cover when not in use.

Extras +

Some chaise lounges provide hidden storage under the seat to help you keep your room free of clutter. It’s the perfect spot to tuck away a comforter, reading material or TV remote. Further below, check for attached, non-mar foot glides. They allow easy repositioning of your chaise lounge without scratching the flooring. The height and angle of the chaise lounge back rest may be adjustable in certain models. Some upscale chaise lounges are down-filled for the ultimate in luxurious comfort. Others feature mattress-style springs in the seating and backrest for improved support and durability.

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Chaise Lounge Maintenance Tips:

  • Regularly vacuum upholstery to remove debris from surface and crevices
  • Maintain and restore leather surfaces with an approved leather care product
  • Remove and plump loose cushions to restore to original shape
  • Cover outdoor chaise lounges or bring loose cushions indoors in bad weather
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