Chest of Drawers Buying Guide

A chest of drawers is a classic storage solution for clothing and accessories in the bedroom. This chest of drawers buying guide will help find the right fit for your wardrobe and your decor.

Chest of Drawers 101

While often lumped in with dressers and bureaus, a chest of drawers is a classic piece of bedroom furniture known for its column of drawers stacked one on top the other. Generally taller and thinner than a dresser, a chest of drawers is a space-saving storage solution that can feature as few as two drawers and as many as 10 or more. The flexible drawer sizes offer an accessible and tidy way to house your belongings, from larger clothing items such as sweaters and jeans to smaller accessories like jewelry. Available in a wide range of finishes, colours and styles, a chest of drawers can be found to fit both your decor and storage needs.

Chest of Drawers Buying Tips:

  • Measure to ensure your chest of drawers will fit with existing furniture, windows and doors
  • Consider how many drawers are required for your storage needs
  • Look for gliders to ensure the drawers will open and close smoothly
  • Choose finishes and hardware that complement your existing decor
  • Take height into account if you plan on placing lamps, mirrors or other items on top of the chest of drawers

Chest of Drawers Features

Drawers +

A chest of drawers features one column of drawers that can vary in both number and size. From space-saving tall and thin models to shorter, wider units, a chest can contain as few as two drawers and as many as 10 or more. Drawers should sit on either wooden or metal gliders to ensure smooth movement when opening and closing. A stopping mechanism should keep the drawers from falling out when they are pulled open, preventing damage to the furniture (and your feet).

Size +

Because they are available in a wide range of sizes, consider both the space where you intend to place your chest of drawers and the types of items you plan to store within it. Measure your room for floor space to ensure the chest you choose won't block windows or impede closet or bedroom doors from opening. Tall, narrow chests are good for maximizing storage in rooms where floor space is limited, while wider, shorter chests allow you to hang a mirror overhead and offer more surface space for decorative items or lamps.

Capacity +

Chests of drawers can feature a couple of large, deep drawers handy for storing bulkier items such as sweaters or blankets. Tall, narrow chests with multiple smaller drawers are good for housing jewellery, cosmetics, hosiery, and other accessories. A combination of drawer sizes and depths provides a more versatile storage solution.

Style +

Whether you are furnishing a traditional or contemporary bedroom, there are chests of drawers available to suit any decor. Wood furniture with an oak or cherry-wood finish will help create a classic and comforting look, while sleek espresso-coloured chests with silver accents will lend a modern edge. White chests of drawers provide attractive, much-needed storage in nurseries, and neutral maple wood finishes blend well with most existing colour schemes and decors.

Hardware +

The style and material of the hardware on your chest of drawers is an important accent to its overall look. From simple round wooden knobs, to sleek brushed nickel pulls, or classic metal shoe-cap handles, changing up the hardware on your chest of drawers can have a big impact. Some chests of drawers feature two rows of pulls or handles down its drawers, while others have just one row, allowing you to singlehandedly open and close drawers smoothly.

Base +

Another element that can influence the look and function of your chest of drawers is the base. While the bottom drawer of some chests may sit almost directly on the floor, many models will be raised up on either wooden or metal legs. A raised base makes it easier to clean the floor underneath. Some bases include a decorative "kick plate" along the bottom which can help reinforce the overall style of the piece.

Materials +

From rustic pine or classic mahogany to affordable and durable composite wood products, chests of drawers can be constructed from a variety of materials to suit any room and lifestyle. An environmentally friendly option, composites are often created from recycled wood products. The laminate finish is easy to clean and maintain, which makes them a good choice for children's rooms or nurseries. Hardware and accents for chests of drawers can be made from wood, metal and glass among other materials, ensuring there is an option to suit your style.

Finish +

Like other bedroom furniture components, chests of drawers can be purchased in a variety of different finishes. Wood furniture may be stained, varnished or painted allowing for a wide range of colour options and textures. Composite materials such as particle board offer an easy-to-maintain matte or glossy laminated finish in any number of colours. If you are coordinating your chest of drawers with existing furniture, take photos of current furnishings when you shop to remind you of the types of finishes that work best for your space.

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Chest of Drawers Maintenance Tips:

  • Clean composite wood chests with a damp cloth and mild cleaner
  • Ensure hardware is tightened and secure
  • Dust, remove, and oil wood drawers to prevent drying and cracking
  • Keep liquids away from particle board chests to prevent damage
  • Reduce risk of damaging large particle board chests by dismantling before transporting
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