Christmas Craft Ideas

Christmas crafting is a great way to keep the kids busy through the holidays, and to save on your holiday decor budget. This Christmas Craft Ideas article offers nifty ideas to get you started.

Christmas Craft Ideas 101

The holidays are approaching and it’s time to get busy decorating. Heighten the excitement with some fun craft projects to beautify your home before company arrives. Handcrafting some Christmas decor not only stretches your holiday budget but also inspires your kids to work with their hands and create something uniquely their own. Christmas is the perfect time to share your sewing or baking skills with your children and others. The best part is that you’ll end up with a house, and perhaps even some gifts, that are one-of-a-kind and worth remembering. 

Christmas Wreaths

Hang a Christmas wreath on your door to welcome guests. For a simple take on the traditional wreath, pick some evergreen branches from your backyard (a great job for the kids), bundle them together with a rubber band and hang them on your door with a ribbon. Bundle in some fresh sage or eucalyptus for an invigorating scent. If you want to go beyond the traditional, stuff a vintage bag or sack with the greenery of your choice and attach a bow and other ornaments. It’s a quick and easy way to personalize your home’s entrance. 

Christmas Stockings

Traditional Christmas stockings are usually made with felt, stuffed with small treats and hung on the mantel of your fireplace. For a more rustic version, you can hand knit the stockings yourself. All you need is yarn, knitting needles, and a pattern. Consider repurposing some old mittens for that same cozy display around the fireplace. You can overhaul your old Christmas stockings by adding jingle bells, sequins and pompoms. In a pinch, you can gather up some stray socks and pin them to a clothesline in front of the mantel for a quirky, tongue-in-cheek Christmas mantel. 

Christmas Garlands

A garland is often used to decorate an entryway, staircase railing or mantel. You can create a natural Christmas garland using the same tree cuttings used in your wreath by braiding or connecting branches to create a rope-like loop. Decorate it with bright ribbons, bows and ornaments.
For an even craftier garland, try this:
• cut up your favourite Christmas cards into a pennant shape
• punch holes at the bottom two corners
•  join the cards corner-to-corner, two at a time, using lengths of ribbon tied into bows
• once all the sides are tied up, your festive banner is ready to be hung

Christmas Decorations

A clear theme and well-coordinated colours will keep your Christmas decorations on the right track. The use of a simple snowflake stencil can transform glass candle holders, tablecloths and gift wrap. If you can sew, treat an old throw pillow with a Christmas-themed slipcover, or design a felt patch (with Santa’s face, perhaps?) and hand sew it on. Handmade tea cozies, candle sweaters and table runners can unify a room and create a warm, cozy feel. Display your favourite greeting cards in the slats of an old shutter or hang them from a “tree” of twigs nestled in a vase. 

Christmas Tree Decorations

Christmas tree decorations are the perfect entry point for any Christmas craft enthusiast. Homemade sugar cookies baked with a hole in the middle make tasty tree ornaments, while pine cones make great Christmas crafts for kids. Experiment with decoupage by tracing sheet music or family photos into ornament patterns. Paste them onto cardstock and embellish with gold leaf or sepia ink. With homemade decorations, the best part is the yearly ritual of unpacking that special ornament and recalling the warm memory of when you made it together. 

Gift Wrapping Ideas

Wrapping gifts helps to build excitement for the big day. Increase the anticipation by hand-making the different parts such as bows, ribbons, cards, name tags or the wrapping itself. A good place to start is the card.  Name tags can be made with pieces of cardstock, a bit of scrapbook glue, your favourite pattern and ribbon. Don’t forget to use a nice felt tip marker. Get creative with the gift wrap: paint a polka dot pattern on brown craft paper, or create interactive gift wrap for kids by painting a puzzle or a track to drive toy cars on.

Advent Calendars

It wouldn’t be Christmas without kids counting down the days with an advent calendar. It has twenty four windows, one for each day before Christmas Day. Each day, the window is opened to an image, poem, small gift or piece of a story. A modern update on the advent calendar is the advent tree, with twenty four envelopes hanging from a cluster of branches. Alternately, small envelopes can be stuck onto a wall with double-sided tape, numbered accordingly and decorated as you like. Finally, a muffin pan, with its twenty four holes is perfect for storing daily gifts. Use magnets to hide the gems from prying eyes.

Christmas Table Centrepiece

A bountiful dinner is a main highlight of Christmas day, which is why a Christmas-themed centrepiece is often the focal point for guests and family. Go sleek and simple with round ornaments stacked into a pyramid and adhered with dots of scrapbooking glue. Finish by gluing a few more baubles to the tops of candlestick holders and votive cups to offset the height. Run a length of ribbon down the table as a runner, then wrap the ribbons around vases like you would a present. Lastly, even though it’s winter, fresh flowers and pine cones will always be welcome at the table.

Homemade Gifts

A homemade gift speaks volumes about how you feel about a person. First, take some time to consider their interests or favourite scents, tastes and colours. Give something relaxing and indulgent, like hand-mixed organic bath salts in a mason jar with fresh herbs and drops of scented oil, or something sentimental like a scrapbook of shared memories or a family recipe book (assemble with an unlined journal, recipe cards, photos from family gatherings, adhesive and decorations). When in doubt, food always works. Homemade cakes, cookies or a hot chocolate blend presented in a decorative jar are classic gifts.
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