Clay Pot Fox

This friendly fox is perfect for potting indoor plants, or it makes a fun pencil holder or candy dish. Learn how to make this clay pot fox in a few simple steps.

Project Essentials:

Multi-Surface Satin Acrylic Paints:                                       
Pumpkin Orange                                                                       


  1. Paint both pots Pumpkin Orange.
  2. Paint rim of larger pot Leaf Green.
  3. Create small flowers around rim of smaller pot using liner brush.Add leaves with Leaf Green and use opposite end of brush dipped in Yellow for centers of flowers.
  4. Glue small pot to larger pot as shown.Let dry.
  5. Trace and cut out tail and ears from foam sheet. Paint tail and ears Pumpkin Orange leaving the white foam showing at end of tail. Add Black tips to ears.
  6. Draw a heart shape on pots as shown to create face and chest.Paint White.
  7. Add face details and paint legs with Black.
  8. Glue tail and ears to pots as shown to finish.

Project Tip: Glue floral accents and other embellishments for more dimension.
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