Confetti Table Setting

Let’s get the party started! These whimsical place settings add an element of fun and a personal touch to dinner parties or birthday celebrations.

Project Essentials:


Note: You will only use the  handle of the  paintbrush, so the type  of brush does  not matter.
  1. Clean glass with alcohol and let dry.
  2. Starting with one colour, dip brush handle into paint and make larger dots  on glass surfaces. Randomly repeat dots around the bottom section of the glasses as shown.  Repeat on the BOTTOM side of glass plate.
  3. Switching to next color repeat steps above adding  more dots. Continue  with each color as shown.  Let dry.
  4. Repeat  with smaller and larger dots  overlapping as shown.
  5. Add dots  until you have created your desired  look.
  6. Let dry completely.
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