Console Table Buying Guide

A console table can add a wonderful accent to your home. It can also save space and provide extra storage. This console table buying guide outlines the different styles and features.

Console Tables 101


The Table for Anywhere

A console table, also known as a sofa table, can be used to accent the decor of almost any room or hallway in your home. Taller and narrower than most tables, they typically range in height from 30 to 36 inches (76 to 91 cm) and in width from 13 to 18 inches (33 to 46 cm). Their unique dimensions make them a good choice for displaying decorative objects, serving food or even using as a desk. Console tables fit well in confined or narrow spaces such as entrances, halls and passageways. Look for half-round designs where space is at a premium. 

Console Table Uses

Tall and narrow in design, console tables can be both decorative and functional. A stylish console table at your home’s entrance, for example, is a great addition to the entryway decor. Another popular use is as a sofa table, placed behind a couch or sofa that is not backed against a wall. A console table with extra storage options can serve as a home office desk or even a home bar. A unit with small shelves can work well as a decorative occasional table. In smaller rooms, a console table can make an excellent sideboard. In larger rooms, you can use it as a divider to partition the space into two or more smaller spaces.

Console Table Buying Tips:

• Consider what you will be placing on your console table before purchasing: sturdier vs. elegant construction may be better suited for heavier objects
• You can use your console table as a vanity by adding a chair and hanging a mirror on the wall behind the table
• Consider a console table with a drawer for your front hall to store keys, mail etc.
• Half circle console tables save space in narrow hallways

Console Table Features

Size +

Console tables come in all sizes. Think about the table’s intended purpose before deciding on dimensions. Longer tables are an excellent choice for placement behind a sofa, or as a buffet table wherever you like to entertain guests. If you're pairing with a sofa, the table height should come within 6 inches of the top of the back of the sofa. The length of the table should cover at least two-thirds of the sofa length. If you are planning to place a lamp on the table, pick a table that is deep enough to accommodate the lamp base. Narrower tables are well suited to hallways for use as decorative accent tables. Consider a taller table as a substitute for a vanity, desk or foyer table.

Material +

Wood console tables are usually sturdier and can hold heavier items, and pair with simple or rustic designs. Metal tables usually have glass tops, making them great for use as a modern-looking home bar. Melamine tops are less decorative, but offer a lightweight and durable alternative.

Shape +

The tops of most console tables are either a half circle or rectangle. However, the rest of the table can feature many different shapes, sizes and designs. There are tables with straight legs and bowed legs. Some legs have braces, while others are free standing. Many tables have just two outer legs, with the other side fastening to a wall. Picking the right table entails matching the function and style to the intended space.

Style +

Choosing the right style of console table depends on the style of the room. For a rustic, traditional, or French provincial style, consider curvier tables with features like bowed legs and half circle tops. Metal, glass and chrome materials help convey a contemporary furniture style. Convertible tables with pull out tops are a good choice if you want your console table to serve multiple functions.

Colour +

Console tables come in a variety of colours and patterns to fit every style. Consider a chrome or black console table to complement modern room furnishings. For an ultra-sleek look, choose a tabletop made of darkened or reflective glass. If you like wood, be sure to match the stain with surrounding furniture to tie the room together. Lighter-coloured table can help brighten a room as well.

Storage +

Some console tables feature shelves and drawers. If you're buying a console table for use as a television stand, shelves are a handy for storing cable boxes, gaming consoles and other TV accessories. You can also use console table shelves to hold decorative pieces and even small lamps. Console table drawers help keep clutter out of sight and are convenient for stashing a pen and paper for note taking. If your console table will be used as a desk or vanity, consider buying one with extra storage space to keep the necessities close

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Console Table Maintenance Tips:

• Put mats, coasters and felt pads under the items placed on your console table to help prevent scratches
• Polish your wood console table every four to six months to help prolong its lifespan
• Keep wood console tables out of the sun to prevent fading
• Don’t place newspapers or magazines directly on wooden furniture: the ink can bleed into the wood table and cause permanent stains
• Glass is especially sensitive to pressure: do not lean against glass tables or place heavy objects on them
• Always follow the manufacturer’s care and maintenance instructions
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