Craft Essentials

Whether you’re an avid crafter or not, there are a few craft essentials you should always have on hand. Keep your craft kit stocked with these basics.

Craft Essentials 101

With a few craft essentials on hand, you’ll always be ready for a rainy day, a DIY task, or school projects. Having some craft essentials ready to go can help your keep kids busy, or help you find inspiration to create your own home decor or gifts. After all, a personal touch adds an element of thoughtfulness and care. It’s good to exercise your creativity, so stock your craft kit and let your imagination run wild.

The Basics



For bold, thick lines and saturated colour, reach for a marker. Markers add a richness that can’t be achieved with crayons or pencil crayons, so they’re perfect for outlining and colouring letters and shapes so that they stand out.

Pencil Crayons

Pencil crayons are extremely versatile, and come in a wide range of colours. Colouring techniques — like layering and burnishing — allow the artist to add depth and texture to a drawing in a way that can’t be achieved with markers.


It’s always useful to have a pack of pencils on hand. Whether they’re used for writing, or for making a rough sketch of a drawing or painting, pencils are an important part of any craft kit.

Pencil Sharpener

A dull pencil or pencil crayon is useless. Keep these tools in tip-top shape with a pencil sharpener.


An eraser is key for sketching or outlining. Though most pencils come with an eraser attached, it’s a good idea to stash a good quality eraser in your craft kit for jobs that require precision, and also to avoid damaging the paper.


For canvases, banners, art projects, or just for fun, you should always have paint on hand. If you don’t want to invest in a full palette of colours, start with the basics: red, yellow, blue, white, and black. You can create just about any shade with these five colours.

Paint Brushes

Of course, what good is paint without paint brushes? Consider buying a few different types and sizes for different tasks, like painting fine lines, blending shades, or filling large spaces.

Construction Paper

Construction paper is coloured, tough, and slightly course, which makes it perfect for arts and crafts. It can be used as canvases for drawings and paintings, cut-and-paste crafts, colourful origami — you name it! Construction paper is truly multi-purpose.


Keep your kitchen scissors sharp (and in the kitchen!) by adding a set of scissors to your art kit. Keep in mind, scissors become dull over time, so you might want to sharpen them every now and then.


Glue is a key component to any art kit. Be sure to have three different types on hand for different projects: a glue stick, white glue, and hot glue. Glue sticks are perfect for simply sticking paper to paper. White glue can be used for the same task, but it’s also useful in creative ventures because it dries clear (ex: adding glitter or sand to a project). Hot glue has stronger sticking and staying power than the other two, which makes it better for larger arts and crafts projects.

The Fun Stuff


Glitter Glue

Add some razzle and dazzle to your craft kit with glitter glue. It’s perfect for making posters and projects stand out, or simply making crafts pop. Plus, glitter glue is much easier (and cleaner) to use than loose glitter and white glue.

Metallic Markers

Whereas glitter adds some dazzle, metallic markers can be used to add glitz and glam to a project. Shades of bronze, silver, and gold are brilliant additions to your craft kit.

Pipe Cleaners

With a bit of imagination, you can make just about anything with pipe cleaners. Seasonal decorations, princess crowns for dress-up, bracelets and necklaces — you name it. Of course, they can be used for household cleaning, too!


Simple and fun, stickers are a craft kit staple. Scratch-n-sniff, sparkly stars, cartoon characters, textured shapes, letters and names — these are all perfect for crafting, art projects, scrapbooking, and more.

Craft Thread

Craft thread is the key component to friendship bracelets, but its uses expand far beyond making jewellery. Use it to patch up jeans and backpacks, to make key chains, pom-poms, hair wraps, and more.

Beads, Gems & Jewels

If you’re making necklaces or bracelets, beads, gems, and jewels are a must. They can also be used to make decorations, key chains, or added to hair elastics and bows for a touch of personal style.

Coloured Pom-Poms

Small, soft, and puffy, pom-poms are perfect for adding texture to drawings of animals, for making seasonal decorations (think: Easter bunnies and Christmas trees), or for adding a 3D element to posters and banners. With a bit of imagination, pom-poms can be a fun addition to any craft.

Googly Eyes

Add a pair of googly eyes to any craft, and it comes to life with instant silliness. Try adding googly eyes to drawings and crafts of animals or people, or stick a few to bracelets, hair clips, pencil cases, binders — the possibilities are endless!
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Popsicle Sticks

Popsicle sticks are simple, but can serve many purposes in a craft kit. You can use them for arts and crafts, like to make bookmarks, jewellery boxes, “log” cabins, bridges, or use them to stir paint and glue (so you don’t muck up your utensils).

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