Cube 3D Printer

Bring 3D life to your ideas with a Cube 3D printer. Make your own masterpieces with included blueprints or others that you can find online!

Cube 3D Printers 101

Thinking of a custom toy for your little one? What about making unique gifts for your friend’s birthday or even wedding favours? The Cube 3D printer is here to help you make these ideas a reality. With its Cubify mobile app, you can get designing even while you’re on the go.

Performance and Features:


From concept to 3D

Make your own masterpieces with included blueprints and others that you can find online. From fashion accessories to pieces of home decor, 3D printing is the next generation of DIY with the help of innovative technology right at home. Customize your 3D prints according to what you want, what you need, and what you imagine. You’re the dreamer and the creator of your prints. Imagine it. Design it. 3D print it to reality. 

A Multitude of Colours and Materials

The different materials available in a multitude of colours just add another dimension to your creations! Cartridges for the Cube 3D printer are available in more than 20 colours, in different recycled and compostable plastics. With so many materials for your 3D printing, the world is your 3D printed, multi-coloured oyster. 

Convenient and Easy 3D Printing With Your Mobile Device

Designing your 3D prints is now in the palm of your hands, with the Cubify app for iOS and Android devices. Designing, sculpting, and printing can now be controlled directly and wirelessly from your smartphone to your new Cube 3D printer. Take your mobile design studio wherever you go! Choose designs from curated brand collections or take inspiration from the Design Feed. Translating the ideas in your mind into reality is as easy as directly printing from your smartphone to the Cube. Go ahead and create!

Fast Printing

Cube is a quick-setup, on-the-go printer. Save your time and energy for designing and creating. With an intuitive user interface and colour touch screen, you can focus more on your creative process and hone your craftsmanship. By saving valuable printing time, you can experiment more and print more samples until perfection is achieved. It’s all in your hands!

Smart Printing

With new technology, load material cartridges easily. Just add the cartridge and the Cube instantly recognizes it. There’s no need to change the printer settings. The non-clog, moisture-locking technology helps prolong the materials’ shelf life and helps maximize the usage of all the materials, meanwhile helping increase the quality of your 3D prints. Now that’s smart. The preloaded filament jets and an auto-leveling print pad for 70 micron high-resolution help ensure beautiful, effortless prints.

Kid-Safe and Indoor-Safe

Rest assured, the Cube 3D printer is certified safe for use indoors, whether at school or at home. Kids can unleash their creativity on their own or in a group setting. Encourage their artistic and design skills as they learn and play with the hands-on experience of making something from the conception to manufacturing. It’s a safe and immersive experience for the whole family!

Print customization in two colours

Add a touch of customization with two-colour selection printing. This amazing software feature comes handy to customize and enhance your 3D print. Add details like stripes, dots, or even a face, to your print with ease. Tailor any readily available blueprint from the Internet to your tastes to make it yours and yours alone. 
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