DIY Wedding Activities

You don't have to break the bank to create the ideal wedding. These 10 DIY wedding activities can help you choose projects to do yourself to save money and make your wedding unique.

DIY Wedding Activities 101

A wedding is an important life event, and you want it to be perfect for you and your partner. But managing costs is also a priority. A great way to get the most out of your budget is to assess your skills (and those of friends and family) and do at least part of the work yourself. From sewing a wedding dress and baking your own cake to creating your own centerpieces and getting a friend to DJ, there are numerous ways to cut costs without compromising quality. Plus, by taking a DIY approach, you'll have lots of opportunities to inject your personal style and flair into your special day. Whether you stay with tradition or break from it, that's up to you. 

Easy Do it Yourself Activities


Wedding Dress & Accessories

The price of a store-bought wedding dress and accessories can quickly claim a big chunk of your wedding budget. Making a gown on a sewing machine is a great way to control costs and express your personal vision and style. Consider enlisting friends and family to help select fabrics and patterns and lend their sewing talents to the project. If neither you nor partner sew, you could alter and accessorize an existing dress, which would similarly save you money and allow you to showcase your personality. In the spirit of the “something old” wedding tradition, you could also add a warm sentiment to your wedding by modifying and wearing a gown worn previously by a beloved family member. Use online tutorials and your imagination to make unique wedding-dress accessories, like a veil, hair piece or jewellery. Or customize existing accessories to suite the style of the wedding dress. 

Makeup & Hair

A bride’s hair and makeup are priorities on the wedding day, but professionals charge a lot of money and can be difficult to schedule, especially for a Saturday or Sunday morning. Do-it-yourself hair and makeup with favourite beauty products will save money and help to avoid scheduling hassles. It will also reduce the risk of allergic reactions from unfamiliar products. Practice makes perfect, so be sure to test all makeup before the big day to get it just right and photograph-ready. If friends or family have beauty experience, ask them for product advice and assistance in applying makeup and fixing hair.   

Wedding Cake

Baking your own wedding cake can minimize bakery and delivery costs, and gives you the opportunity to customize both the ingredients and look of this classic wedding dessert. You can turn the experience into a special opportunity to bond with family and close friends by asking them to share a favourite recipe or help with the baking. It's a good idea to bake a few practice cakes before the big day. If you’re pressed on time or budget you can also purchase a store-made cake and decorate it yourself to put your personal stamp on it. If wedding cake isn’t your thing, you could go with an alternative dessert like pie or cupcakes. By choosing wisely, you can save money and add a personal touch to your special day. 


Creating a bouquet is a cost-effective way to put a unique stamp on your wedding day. If you're leaning towards a flower bouquet, the options are almost limitless: you can gather flowers from your garden, pick them in the wild or buy them from a store. Another affordable approach is to make paper or fabric flowers. They’re always in season, look great and last for years as a wedding-day keepsake. Also, keep in mind the bouquet doesn’t have to be flowers. One alternative that's memorable and easy to create is a brooch bouquet made from family heirlooms or other jewellery. Another option is to create a bouquet of succulents and herbs. This gives you something to toss at the end of the night, but costs less than traditional wedding flowers. 

Wedding Favours

The wedding favours you give your guests should show your appreciation for the effort they've made to participate in your nuptials. By creating your own wedding favours, you can save money and make your gift even more meaningful to your family and friends. Wedding favours can be tied to your wedding theme or chosen to symbolize something that you and your fiancé hold dear. Options to consider include candles, flower seeds, small potted plants or your favourite tea or coffee.


If you have lots of wedding guests, purchasing tabletop pieces for each table can be costly. Creating your own centrepieces can help you stay on budget. This wedding banquet essential adds to the decor or your banquet room and can help convey your special wedding day theme. Two popular centrepiece ideas are vases and candle holders. You can easily create these items from low-cost bottles or mason jars purchased in bulk. Small potted plants are another centerpiece classic that can easily double as a wedding favour for guests. 

Invitations, Thank You Notes etc.

The cost of professionally designed and printed save-the-date cards, invitations, seating charts and thank-you cards can quickly bloat your wedding budget. This is an easy place to save money and show your personal flair. If you or a friend has basic design skills and equipment, you can create your own wedding stationary from scratch and print it at home or send the items in digital format by email. You could also buy plain paper stationary, including plain wedding invitations, and craft them to match your wedding theme and decor. If your wedding is small and casual, you could skip the seating plan and allow guests to sit where they want. If you have a seating plan, you can design and print the plan, then display it in frames or personalized boards to show your style. Paper and stencils are all that's needed for table numbers, or you can incorporate the numbers into your centrepieces. 


You'll be too busy to play DJ at your own wedding, but a trusted friend or family member can perform this role. Simply load your song selection on an iPod or smartphone and play the music through either your own or rented sound equipment. You can create a personalized wedding playlist that features songs important to you and your fiancé, and your friends and family can send you their favourite songs to play at special times. Another advantage of creating a personalized playlist is you're sure to have the songs you want to hear, whereas a professional DJ might not have the song on hand.  

Wedding Album

A wedding album is an important keepsake to help you remember your wedding day. Instead of paying your wedding photographer to create your album, you and your spouse could do this together and save money at the same time. It's really no different than creating any other photo album or photo scrapbook. Rather than only using photos taken by your photographer, ask your friends and family to send you pictures they took on their own cameras. You can also reduce costs by keeping a digital album of your wedding photos and printing only the ones you really want for the physical album. 

Do It Yourself Wedding Tips:

• Make paper cone rice tossers using decorative paper and a hole punch
• Make pre-mixed mason jar cocktails and save on your bar bill
• Use paper doilies and twine to wrap cutlery for table settings
• For outdoor settings, hang photos from branches to create a live family tree
• Create bowtie napkins by cinching the centre with a matching or contrasting ribbon
• Use decorative craft paper for placemats and draw your guests names with chalk marker
• Put table candles in terra cotta pots for a rustic feel

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Wedding Planning Tips:

• Sit down together and work out your budget before booking or buying anything
•  Decide what is most and least important to both of you and prioritize your budget accordingly
•  Create a monthly check list of things to do
•  Set aside certain days in the month to plan vs. having it take over your life
• Don’t seek too many opinions: it can lead to confusion and compromise your vision of the wedding you want
• It’s impossible to please everyone, so don’t try
• Send out invitations earlier than you think you need to, and give an RSVP date earlier than you need it
• When sourcing suppliers, ask friends who were recently married for their recommendations
•  Book things in the order they tend to get booked up: venue first, then photography, dress, catering, bar and entertainment
•  Provide all vendors and wedding party members with a timeline of your wedding
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