Dorm Room Essentials

The first year away from home is exciting, but it’s also a challenge. This dorm room essentials article will help make the transition easier.

Dorm Room Essential 101

Dorm life can be overwhelming at first, so it’s important to have a dorm room checklist before moving in. First off, make sure all important papers (i.e. registration forms, driver’s license, and financial aid papers) are accounted for and present. Then consider sleep and sustenance i.e. bedding and food preparation. Dorm room storage is also primary because a cluttered space will promote a cluttered mind. Bathroom essentials will help ensure good hygiene, as will a proper laundry regimen. Various electronics items are also necessary, for both study and socializing. Finally, think about creating a sharp but multi-functional wardrobe, and a room decor that’s fun but not frivolous.  

Dorm Room Essential 101

Dorm Room Bedding
Sheets, pillows and a comforter are must-haves for bedding. For extra comfort, pick up some cushions. It’s always a good idea to bring two sets of linens as laundry may pile up. Try to get linens that are stain-resistant and easy to wash. It’s a good idea to wash sheets once a week to keep them looking and smelling their best. For most sheets, warm water vs. hot will help prevent shrinkage, but check the manufacturer’s directions before washing. 
Dorm Room Cooking
Plates, dishes and flatware are needed regardless of whether it’s takeout or cook-in. Before bringing appliances, check with the school first to see what’s allowed. Some essential appliances include a toaster oven and microwave for quick heat-up and toasting before and after class. A coffee maker will assist with early classes or late night study sessions, and mini fridge is a must-have for any dorm room.
Dorm Room Storage
A tidy dorm room will help keep studies and social life on the straight and narrow. Closet organizers, drawer organizers and shoe trees are great for keeping a room looking neat. Try to bring only one type of clothes hanger; that way the closet will look more orderly. Attractive storage boxes and stackable crates will nicely organize things for under the bed placement or against a wall.
Bathroom Essentials
Bathroom toiletries (i.e. toilet paper, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste) are at the top of the list for dorm room essentials. A shower tote comes in handy, and a bath robe is essential for trips to the bathroom. If bath and shower facilities are shared, shower sandals will help to protect feet from bacteria. It’s always good to bring two sets of bath linens (i.e. face cloths and towels) for use on laundry days or in case one set gets damaged.
A laundry schedule should be created to avoid being caught short a clean shirt or socks on class days. Also essential are a laundry basket for dirty clothes, and a laundry bag for carrying clothes to the laundry room.  Detergent, dryer sheets, fabric softener and bleach are also must-have items.
A personal laptop is essential for college or university, along with any related software and computer cables. A TV isn’t a must, but don’t forget it can also be used with a laptop for big screen study sessions. A smart TV will add web-surfing and research potential to the mix. That said, let’s not forget that dorm life is supposed to be fun too. Video games and a game console are popular additions to any room. Finally, a desk lamp will come in handy for late night study (your roommate will thank you).
Keep in mind that most dorm rooms do not feature a washer and dryer, so it’s essential to have enough clothing to make it from one laundry day to the next. That means 2-3 pairs of jeans at minimum, two pairs of everyday shoes and one pair of running shoes. Two week’s worth of shirts, socks and underwear is also in order. Also recommended: a good iron and ironing board (or a clothes steamer).
Dorm Room Decor
It’s normal to get a bit homesick during the first year away from home. Purchasing some picture frames to insert photos of family and friends will add warmth and hominess to the room. Posters of favourite bands or celebrities can also cheer up the dorm room decor. A bulletin board for important notes is a must-have as well. Early morning classes are given for first year students, so a clock will help ensure regular, if not perfect attendance.
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